Last week, we wondered what The Fault in Our Stars might look like as a K-drama. Even though that K-drama isn't a reality (yet!), there are plenty of other K-dramas available for people who enjoy a good cry every once in a while. Here are just a few of the K-dramas that will make you cry your eyes out:

1. 49 Days

A woman dies in a car accident, but she gains a second chance at life when she takes over the body of another woman. She has 49 days to find three people outside of her own family who will shed sincere tears for her. As the drama unfolds, it is both uplifting and heartbreaking, with a scene-stealing performance by Jung Il Woo as the Scheduler.

2. Autumn in My Heart

This classic K-drama, the first in the Endless Love/Fours Seasons series that also includes Winter Sonata, sets the standard for K-drama tragedy. The star-crossed love between Song Seung Hun and Song Hye Gyo, two people raised as siblings who try to find love later in life, will break your heart.

3. The Hours of My Life

Miura Haruma stars in this Japanese drama about a young man who discovers that he has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), an incurable neurodegenerative disease. Without long to live, he decides to make the most of his remaining time.

4. Scent of a Woman

Like The Hours of My Life, this K-drama features a woman who learns that she has terminal cancer and decides to write a bucket list of things to do before she dies. Mixing comedy and sweeping romance with the underlying tragedy, this drama is for those who prefer something to balance out their melodrama.

5. I'm Sorry, I Love You

So Ji Sub turns in a devastating performance in this melodrama about a man abandoned as a child who must face his tragic past as an adult. It will break your heart, but it will also make you love So Ji Sub.

6. The Master's Sun

This drama, also starring So Ji Sub, is technically a romantic comedy, but it is filled with touching moments. Gong Hyo Jin's character can see and communicate with ghosts, so each episode features a different tale of heartbreak. The variety of ghosts is sure to tug at everyone's heartstrings at some point.

7. The Princess's Man

For fans of historical romance, this drama stars Moon Chae Won and Park Shi Hoo in a Romeo and Juliet-style story set in the Joseon era. A princess falls in love with a premier's son, but the rivalry of their fathers stands in the way.

8. Stairway to Heaven

Get your hankies ready for another classic tear-filled drama. In this drama, childhood sweethearts face obstacle after obstacle, from scheming family members to memory loss, in their search for love.

9. Angel Eyes

This recently completed K-drama had fans using up their tissues from the very beginning, when the talented younger versions of the leads were separated by tragedy. Nam Ji Hyun and Kang Ha Neul (fresh off of his work in Heirs) knocked it out of the park as a young blind girl and the boy who loved her, and once they are reunited as adults, the tears don't stop. I Miss You is another drama where the talented young actors break your heart before you even get to the adult leads.

10. My Love from Another Star

While most of this drama was lighthearted, knowing from episode 1 that Kim Soo Hyun's alien character would be leaving Earth in three months set the stage for sorrow mixed with romance. Like The Master's Sun, this is a good choice if you like your romantic comedies with a side of tears.

Bonus: KARA's Secret Love

This drama with 5 short love stories featuring members of the K-pop group KARA has only just begun, but you can already tell from the trailer that it's going to be a cryfest times 5!

What's your favorite weepy drama? Which dramas made you pull out your tissue boxes? Comment below!

Vivi is an unapologetic Korean drama addict and blogger. She blogs with her K-drama best friend Coco atKdrama Fighting! In her free time, she likes to bring her commentary to the DramaFever crowd.

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