The new fantasy drama Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (aka Eternal Love) is now on DramaFever. Based on the novel "Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms," the drama reflects ancient Chinese legends, including stories of old tribes and clans such as the Qing Qiu Fox Tribe and the Kun Lun Mountain Tribe. Let's meet these interesting characters! 

Spoilers ahead, so be careful!

1. Yang Mi as Bai Qian/ Si Yin/ Su Su

Bai Qian was the fifth child and only girl of the Fox King. When she was young, she disguised herself as a guy (Si Yin) and came to Kun Lun Mountain to become the seventeenth student of Mo Yuan. After the war between the Ghost Tribe and Nine Heavens, Bai Qian is attacked with a curse and sent into the mortal realm, where she meets Ye Hua, who names her Su Su, and they bare a son named Ah Li. Su Su does not know that she is, in fact, immortal and that Ye Hua is the Prince of Heaven. 

Bai Qian

Si Yin

Su Su

2. Mark Zhao as Mo Yuan/ Ye Hua

Mo Yuan was the undefeated God of War, who was Bai Qian's teacher. He dies when his soul dissolves after a war with the Ghost King. Years later, due to a fateful occurrence, Ye Hua (Mo Yuan's twin brother), falls in love with a mortal girl that he names Su Su. Originally wanting to spend the rest of his lifetime quietly with her, Ye Hua is forced to bring Su Su to the Nine Heavens. A misunderstanding occurs and Su Su jumps from the Zhu Xian Terrace, and Ye Hua follows after her. However, he does not know that Su Su is actually Bai Qian. A hundred years later, he meets Su Su (now Bai Qian) and immediately recognizes her.

Ye Hua

Mo Yuan

3. Zhang Bing Bing as Li Jing

Ghost Tribe's second prince, who becomes the Ghost Lord after his father is sealed by the Dong Hua clock. He falls in love with Si Yin, without knowing she is Bai Qian in disguise. When he sees Xuan Nu, who resembles Si Yin, he falls for her, causing him to inadvertently betray Bai Qian. He later realizes that the one he truly loved was Si Yin.

4. Ken Chang as Zhe Yan

The first phoenix immortal since the creation of the world. He is a good friend of the Bai family. He keeps out of the affairs of the three realms as he guards the ten miles of peach blossoms. He sends Bai Qian to Kun Lun Mountain to study.

5. Yu Meng Long as Bai Zhen

Fourth son of the Fox King, who loves to drink and wishes to live a carefree life. He sends Xuan Nv to Si Yin and ask Si Yin to take care of her.

5. Zhu Xu Dan as Xuan Nv

Bai Qian's childhood friend. She envies Bai Qian's beauty, thus morphing herself to look exactly like her. She uses her looks to seduce Li Jing and eventually marries him. She acts as a spy for the Ghost Tribe to steal the formation from Kun Lun Tribe, indirectly causing Mo Yuan's soul to dissolve. Xuan Nu eventually reverts to her original looks after Bai Qian gravely injures her.

6. Dilraba Dilmurat as Bai Feng Jiu

Bai Qian's niece, the world's only nine-tailed red fox. A hapless romantic who would do anything for love, she ends up falling for Dong Hua.

7. Gao Wei Guang as Dong Hua

One of the oldest five Great Kings of Heaven, who controls the lives and deaths within the six realms. He is admired by many but only has eyes for Feng Jiu.

8. Maggie Huang as Su Jin

The only descendant of the Zhong Lie tribe. She was adopted by the Heaven Emperor after the demise of her tribe and conferred as Princess Zhaoyang. She later becomes Ye Hua's concubine. She is in a one-sided love with her husband. Jealousy overwhelms her when she realizes Ye Hua loves Su Su and she begins to harm the latter.

9. Lian Yi Ming as Qing Cang

Li Jing's father. He falls in love at first sight for Ling Yu, and kidnaps him together with Si Yin back into the Ghost Palace, which eventually causes a great war between the Ghost Tribe and the Nine Heavens.

10. Dai Si as Yan Zhi

Ghost Tribe's princess and Li Jing's younger sister. She is doted on and loved by her brothers and is kind-hearted despite being surrounded by evil. She falls for Si Yin, not knowing she is a girl.

The drama seems very complicated with so many interesting characters. Here is a relationship map for your reference to track all the connections.

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Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (aka Eternal Love) - 三生三世十里桃花

Starring Yang Mi and Mark Chao

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