Descendants of the Sun not only has an amazing storyline, it also has a spectacular original soundtrack (OST). From moving ballads to more upbeat hits, the following songs are sure to get you right in the feels. These tracks have also been dominating the charts in Korea, beating out many of the current K-pop hits. Viewers can't seem to get enough of Descendants of the Sun!

Check out some of the best songs from this epic K-drama below. Which one is your favorite?

1. t Yoonmirae - "Always"

This song gets me right in the heart every time. This bittersweet songs truly transports you right into the center of the emotional turmoil of Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo's characters. Yoonmirae's voice is such a perfect fit!

2. Davichi - "This Love"

"This Love" is a perfect example of what a classic K-drama OST track should sound like. So amazing and intense!

3. Gummy - "You Are My Everything"

This one is another fantastic emotional ballad, perfectly conveying the Song-Song Couple's heart-wrenching romance. Gummy's powerhouse vocals are a wonderful addition to this OST.

4. M.C The Max - "Wind Beneath Your Winds"

I can't get enough of these vocals. Such an excellent song! 

 5. Mad Clown Ft. Kim Na Young - "Once Again"

Ah! The relationship between Seo Dae Young (Jin Goo) and Yoon Myung Ju (Kim Ji Won) is also amazing. I love how this song goes back and forth between Kim Na Young and Mad Clown, perfectly matching the push-pull relationship of the couple.

6. K.Will - "Talk Love"

This song instantly brings a smile to my face! It's impossible not to feel happy when listening to this track. K.Will is always a welcome addition to any OST.

7. LyN - "With You"

This is another touching track. The Song-Song couple goes through so much together, both in Korea and Uruk, and this song sounds perfect in the background.

8. SG WANNABE - "By My Side"

This song does a great job capturing the emotional strife between Seo Dae Young and Yoon Myung Ju. My heart hurts just listening to this song!

9. XIA (Junsu) - "How Can I Love You"

JYJ's Junsu is the king of smooth OST ballads. You can always trust him to provide a heart-tugging track!

10. Chen & Punch - "Every Time"

Is it just me, or is your heart fluttering as well? This duet does such a great job capturing the sparkling chemistry between Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo. 

Which track is your favorite? Which song gives you all the feels? Share your thoughts below!

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