For many of us movie fans, no matter how many times we've watched our favorite films, we can always sit down and watch them again. Then there are others who don't have the attention span to sit through an entire movie for two hours. But with these NES-style, 8-bit short films, both movie fans and ones who aren't can enjoy some of our favorite classics in a little less than short three minutes. AND it's like playing a game!

Despite them just looking like role-playing game parodies of some classic and not-so-classic films, these versions actually tell the same stories as the feature length films they're made after. So if you're a fan, awesome! And even if you're not, awesome too! 

Watching them makes you wish they were actually really playable, but unfortunately, all you can do is enjoy the few minutes of NES-style action.

Here are 10 8-bit short films for your viewing pleasure.

1. Frozen

2. Godzilla

3. The Matrix

4. Forrest Gump

5. Fight Club

6. Mean Girls

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7. Pulp Fiction

8. The Big Lebowski

9. Hunger Games

10. The Shining