Ten young women found unconscious, laying face-flat on the ground right in the middle of one of the most popular entertainment and red light districts in all of Tokyo. What's going on? Nothing, really... it's just another night of drinking for college kids in Shinjuku.

Many of us have passed out from drinking too much, especially in our late teens and early twenties, and some of us still pass out, but we usually do it in our beds. These young women obviously had way too much to drink, and had a mass pass-out on the street. The sight was so odd, many took photos and video with their phones, and pretty soon, the incident was all over the internet. Police eventually showed up, and one girl was hospitalized. Apparently, the young, hard-partying women belong to Meiji University and Nihon Women's University's official tennis clubs.

I know this looks crazy, but I used to see stuff like this almost every weekend growing up around Shinjuku. College and high school kids, along with some salarymen mixed in, would be mass passed out on the street. Even friends that had attempted to take care of their unconscious friends would be passed out on top of them.

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Of course, as would expect in Japan, this became a news story about student's conduct, but people quickly seemed to forget about it.

People in Tokyo are used to this.