No K-drama will teach you these real-world Korean words! These are slang terms used widely by young Koreans. Some include Konglish or Japanese words. We skipped the ones you’d know like aegyo, ottoke, chaebol, daebak, and hwaiting.

1. 헐 (hull)


I like to explain this word as in-between lol and -_-. Its stronger synonym would be wtf.

2. 모태솔로 (mottae-solo)

Song Ji Eun


A person who has never been in a romantic relationship. Someone like Lee Yoo Mi ( Song Ji Eun) in My Secret Romance. The word literally means someone who’s been single since birth.

3. 오키오키오키나와 (oki oki oki-nawa)


Oki oki Okinawa is a cute way to say okay. Be aware that some might find it distasteful, like the girl in the video who chastises Park Bo Gum’s oki oki okinawa (0:15).

Variations include myan (sorry) myan Myanmar and bai (bye) bai Dubai.

4. 노잼 (no-jam)


The girl in the video above clearly thought Park Bo Gum’s oki oki okinawa is no-jam, which means not funny.

5. 닝겐 (ning-gen)


Ningen is what a pet would call its human guardian. It’s a Korean transliteration of a Japanese word 人間 or にんげん, which means human. For example, the kitten above could shout to its owner, “give me food, ning gen!”

6. 세젤예 (sae-gel-ye)


A person who is the most (jae-il) prettiest (ye-bbeun) in the world (se-sang) like Another Oh Hae Young’s Seo Hyun Jin!

7. 츤데레 (tsundere)


Someone who looks cold man but has a warm heart like HeirsKim Woo Bin, Seo Kang Joon of Cheese in the Trap, and Ryu Joon Yul of Answer Me 1988.

This compound word originates from the Japanese mimetic words tsun tsun (つんつん), which means coy and gruff, and dere dere (でれでれ), meaning shy. Put together, tsundere means someone who’s coy and gruff at first but reveals the shy side as they start to fall for someone.

8. 머글 (muggle)


Yes, it’s part of the online lexicon to call an ordinary person a muggle. It means a person whose life can’t get any more banal.

9. 케바케 (kae-bah-kae)


Contraction of case by case. Similarly, sa-bah-sa means depends on the person (sa-ram).

10. 취존 (Chui-jon)


It literally means respect (jon-joong) my preference (chui-hyang). You’d throw this word when your friends disagree with you. For instance, when you're digging an actor, say Yoo Seung Ho and all of your friends are meh about him, you can say, "chui-jon my crush!"

How many did you know? What are some other cool words you’d like to share? Tell us below!

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