There are thousands of things we do every single day without even paying attention to what we're doing. One of those mundane activities is crossing the street; it's something we do without any thought or emotion. It's almost automatic. But thanks to a number of artists from around the world, even a daily activity like crossing the street for some is actually pretty fun.

These altered crosswalks from all over the world give a whole new definition to the term street art. While 99.9% of crosswalks all over the world are painted with the same boring, white lines, there are a growing number of crosswalks that are made to put smiles on the faces of pedestrians with their colorful designs and fun concepts. Because there's nothing wrong in finding joy in the simple things we do every day.

Here are 10 of the coolest crosswalks in the world.

1. Optical illusion crosswalk

2. Fries

3. Don't worry, it's cordoned off

4, Zebra stripes

5. Walk across rainbows

6. Play the piano with your feet

Watch a young woman discover the secrets of a mysterious secluded mansion on Doll House:

7. Time to zip up

8. Fish bones

9. Colorful walking

10. Pac-Man crossing