We are officially in sunshine season, where the days are long and the tan is real! This also means tons of weekend getaways to quaint seaside towns, drinks at bars with patios and lots of cuddling with bae on the beach. There's a hitch though. All of these glorious summer plans requires some serious $$$, and our wallets, aren't entirely ecstatic at the prospect of paying for all this fun time. Join the #BrokeAF gang where the struggle is real. Too real. 

But date nights don't have to necessarily cost a fortune. After all sunshine is free and so are a bazillion other activities. Embrace the summer vibes and let the romantic juices flow, without breaking the bank!

#1 Build a blanket fort in your backyard....or bedroom!

There's nothing quite as cozy as a homemade fort. It's the perfect little spot to hold hands and daydream while the birds chirp around you, create your own little spot away from the rest of the world or just simply binge watch a TV show. For those who don't have backyards, indoor forts work just as well. Start with laying down a blanket on the floor and then place a two chairs each on the sides of the blanket. Use another blanket or sheet and drape it over the top of the chairs, using clamps or clothespins to hold them in place. Fill the space with throw pillows and you're ready for your cozy camp for two!

#2 Go Hiking

Nothing like bonding with boo over nature. Take your romance to the great outdoors by planning regular hikes. All you need are good hiking shoes and the spirit of adventure. Make sure to pack a bag of snacks for when you reach the top and don't leave without an extended make-out session timed to the sunset!

#3 Hit up free concerts and art festivals

Keep an eye out for local listings in your neighborhood or city and grab every opportunity to make the most of them. It's perfect bonding time with boo while ensuring the two of you are soaking up exquisite art, dance and live music! 

#4 Beach please!

Swap that pricey membership to the country club with a free pass to the ocean. All you need is a surfboard or paddle board to make the most of the great blue ocean, sandy beaches and unlimited sunshine!

#5 Pick the biggest tourist attraction in your city and go explore it!

If you're based in New York city, hit up Brooklyn Bridge and finish off the long walk with a slice of famous (and cheap!) pizza. For those on the West coast, bike or walk over to the golden gate bridge. And if you're city doesn't boast of world-famous landmarks, fret not, simply pick the most famous spot and devote an entire day to exploring it!

#6 Plan at-home dinner dates

Whether you're whipping up delicious home-made pasta or just throwing together a quick salad, the best part about this date night is that is involves the two of you working together to create something delicious! 

#7 Picnics in the park!

Raid your pantry and put together a fun picnic basket, grab your favorite beverage and a large old blanket and you're ready for your very own picnic under the sun! Want to take the romance level a notch higher? Read out poetry to each other while lying under a canopy of leaves. #PureLove

#8 Discover something new together

This one never gets old. One of the joys of being in a relationship is always having someone by your side to explore something new. Be it a new cuisine, country or a tv show. At DramaFever we have a host of dramas you can enjoy with your boo. If you both love mystery, suspense and thriller shows, try out HealerThe Scholar Who Walks At Night, or Wanted. Those looking for an easy Friday night watch can check out Architecture 101, Arahan or Like for Likes. And for those looking for a good laugh or just some good reality tv, we have a host of top notch variety shows like Running ManRoommate2 Days 1 Night and Infinity Challenge

Did you love our list of dating ideas on a teeny-tiny non-existent budget? Tell us what you think in the comments section below!


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