It's no secret that many of the Korean celebrities we know and love have fit and toned bodies. For some, maintaining a healthy and strong lifestyle comes easily. Others have had to put a lot of work and effort into getting into top shape. From weight training to ballet and healthy diet guidelines, we have all the secrets of these stars. Here are our top 10 diet and exercise secrets from your favorite K-drama stars:

1. Ha Ji WonThe Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days

Ha Ji Won is known for her athleticism and for having a strong, toned body. In order to maintain her excellent level of fitness and strength, she has always insisted upon the importance of weight training and is saddened by the fact that so many women shy away from it. She has said that cardio exercises are also important, but in order to have strong and lean muscles, you can't forego lifting weights. 

2. Park Shin HyePinocchio

Park Shin Hye is adored by many fans the world over, but judgments from Korean netizens on her body have, at times, been harsh. We're glad to see that she hasn't bowed to pressure to lose too much weight and has maintained a beautiful and healthy body. She has said in media that she struggles with putting on weight easily and says to keep her body healthy, she makes sure to exercise regularly and stick to a few simple diet rules. Her best tip? She refrains from eating after 6 p.m. and sticks to a few healthy meals a day. 

3. Jeon Ji HyunMy Love From Another Star

Jeon Ji Hyun is widely acknowledged as one of the most beautiful actresses to come out of South Korea, but even for her she has to work hard to stay healthy and fit. What makes me most happy is that she doesn't keep her fit figure through lack of eating. She is known to have a healthy appetite, never skimping on eating a well balanced meal. To stay healthy, she is very organized and strict with her workout routine. Despite the heavy demands of her life, she wakes up at 6 a.m. every day to exercise without fail. 

4. Kang So RaJeju Island Gatsby

Kang So Ra hasn't always had an easy relationship with food. She admits that at one point felt out of control with her portion sizes. She would eat an entire chicken or whole pizza rather than enjoying any foods she wanted in smaller quantities. She decided that she needed to be more mindful of what she was feeding her body, and now she focuses on taking smaller servings while still enjoying the foods she loves. She also does ballet as her main form of exercise, which she says has helped her confidence as well as her muscle tone tremendously. 

5. Kim Tae HeeYong Pal

Kim Tae Hee has said she gets a lot of confidence from taking good care of her body. She makes an effort to always incorporate a workout into her daily life. She doesn't love going to the gym or doing a traditional workout, rather opting for outdoor exercise or sports. Even when her life is busy with her filming schedule, she finds time to go for walks around the coast or rivers, using the beautiful scenery as a motivator to get herself moving. 

6. Gong Hyo JinProducer

Gong Hyo Jin admits that she has never really struggled with her weight in that she has always been a naturally long and lean person. But at some point she realized that being thin didn't mean she was in fact healthy and that it was important to make an effort to keep her body strong. She turned to pilates and was amazed at the results in her muscle tone, especially in giving her strong, well defined abs but also in helping her energy levels and confidence. 

7. Yoon Eun HyeMarry Him If You Dare

Yoon Eun Hye is another celebrity who has struggled to find a healthy way to stay fit while dealing with the pressure of being a celebrity and the constant comments on her body. Although at times she succumbed to peer pressure and went overboard with dieting and exercising, she realized that the most important things were how she felt about her body and making sure that she was treating it with respect. Now she stays healthy by sticking to a balanced Mediterranean diet, focusing on fish, vegetables, legumes, and beans.

8. Kim Sun AhMasked Prosecutor

A lot has been said about Kim Sun Ah's weight, so much so that she became frustrated at the constant questions about how she had lost so much weight. She is known as an incredibly versatile actress who throws herself into her roles, gaining and losing considerable weight for different roles. With that came questions on how she was able to control her weight so well. She came out and said that she would never encourage anyone to go to drastic dieting and exercise measures because of how exceptionally painful they are. Her best secret to keep her body at its optimal health: eat small meals more often. 

9. Park Soo JinFlower Boy Next Door

Park Soo Jin's strong muscles are earned by exercising regularly with a personal trainer. Friends of the actress have commented on their amazement at how much Park Soo Jin can actually eat. She has learned over time that her quality of life goes down drastically when limiting which foods she should eat, so instead of eliminating specific foods from her diet, she exercises often and trains hard to make sure he health is still good. 

10. Moon Chae WonGood Doctor

Moon Chae Won has stated that the secret to her health is to drink plenty of water every day. Before eating anything, she makes sure to drink a glass of water and let that settle. Once it has settled, she makes healthy choices about what else she will consume. Not only does this help her make better choices about what she eats, but it also has a wonderful effect on the tone of her skin, giving it a radiant glow as well. 

Do you have any health tips of your own? Let us know below!

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