Isn’t Halloween great? It’s the one time of year you’re allowed to take candy from strangers and indulge in all your inner G-Dragon fantasies. Don’t lie, I know, you know, and your cat knows how much you’ve longed to look like G-Dragon. I’m here to tell you it’s ok. You can make this happen and if you just follow the GD instructional costume list below then you too will be “One of a Kind.”


This costume is totally simple to re-create. All you need is an all black suit with a white top and black tie. The important elements here are the black leather gloves, heavy black eyeliner and black and blond hair. Simply take a straight Cruella De Vil-inspired wig and tie it in a pony tail. However if you want to have his exact hair style you can buy a cheap blond wig, shave the sides of it down and color half of it with cheap black dye. For fun you can hold a sign on a stick that reads "This is my Coup D 'Etat"

9. Gaon Red Carpet Look

GD carries his video style right on into the real world and with this costume you can combine it with the one above. Cruella De Vil wig, any black cap, black suit jacket and sweater with a white bow tie and fake blingy chain. Leather or pleather pants are easy to find but black skinny jeans will work just as well.

Umm if you want to be Taeyang, black trash bags will make the best at home pants o_0

8. Golden Disk Awards with Lee Hi.

Cut your De Vil wig, add sunglasses, a black and white top, multiple fake chains and black shorts over your pants. These 3 looks of GD are perfect for when you have a weekend filled of Halloween parties but you don't want to wear the same costume to each one.

7. Fantastic Baby

Sooo simple and awesome! Just wear all white, make sure to wear a white bandana and pin half of your hair back and let the other half hang in your face. Add a few clip in blond hair pieces and you're almost done! Don't forget the white and black lips!

6. Fantastic Baby

All you need to do is buy a Beetlejuice outfit, add the white gloves,cross necklace, heavy black liner with a smeared spot and orange wig you can pin and comb over. Soooo simple!

5. Bad Boy

Now this requires a little imagination. The hair is easy because GD is wearing a beret, so all you need to do is pin your own hair up and attach pink clip-ins and cover with the hat. You'll need a plain green jacket which you can just attach buttons too in place of patches and some colorful leggings. GD had green fur on his back sooo you can take a book bag and cover it with some cheap green velvet crush fabric found at any fabric shop.

4. Crayon

This costume was so cute! White tights, long red, orange, or coral colored shorts with matching suspenders and hat. Wear a short blond wig with a cap and carry a little drum around your neck. If you want to be really creative you can glue actual crayons on your drum!

3. One of a Kind

You can actually purchase GD's One of a Kind t-shirt and sweatshirt online. Pair it with a black and white bandana and buy a cheap yellow, not blond wig and braid it all. You'll also need some black skinny pants and silver jewelry.

2. GD in VOGUE

Sooo easy! Black suit with or without the shirt, depends on your boldness, a blond wig with black beret and heavy eyeliner. Also for kicks carry a blond barbie as your model.

1. Heartbreaker

You can NEVER go wrong with classic GD! Back when Heartbreaker was released everyone in the industry spoofed him and dressed up in this outfit! All you need is a blond "emo" wig, some dark eyeliner, black top, and pants with a cropped or regular red blazer. You can decorate the blazer if you want, but make sure to carry your apple! A plastic apple hanging around your neck would probably be best.

Which GD costume would you wear?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE