In August, Kim Woo Bin starred in a series of amusing commercials for KFC in China. Kim Woo Bin proves that young people can have it all—love, friends, independence, and even a chicken sandwich! The following GIFs do a great job showing off Kim Woo Bin's fun and quirky nature.


How can anyone have such a perfect smile?


Some say that clothes make the man. For Kim Woo Bin, it's the eyebrows!


You have to love his laugh!


Those arms!


His face looks good with any expression. 


In case you forgot, he's selling chicken.


So charming!

What happens when six young strangers move into a mysterious boarding house? Watch Boarding House No. 24 to find out


Kim Woo Bin = The King of Cool


How many KFC sandwiches do I need to buy to get Kim Woo Bin to dance in another commercial?


That wink!

Even better, DramaFever subtitled Kim Woo Bin's Chinese KFC commercials in English! Click on the videos below to see this handsome man share his thoughts on a variety of topics. Enjoy!

Thoughts on Love:

Thoughts on Friendship:

Teaser Clip: I am Kim Woo Bin:

Work/Life Balance:

Thoughts on Work:

I'm not sure if these GIFs and commercials actually make me want to eat fried chicken, but they definitely make me love Kim Woo Bin even more! Now I want to go back and watch him again in School 2013 and Heirs.

Which commercial is your favorite? Please share your thoughts below!

(GIFs via: 1,2)

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