Let's be honest. Lee Min Ho could sell me anything. Just put his smiling face on any product from clothing to cars, from cleaning products to chairs. If Lee Min Ho says it's good, I need it in my life. Korean celebrity brand and product endorsements are not lacking in Dramaland, but Lee Min Ho is the king. So here you go: Ten great examples of Lee Min Ho brand endorsements! Get your wallet ready because you will be struck with the need to buy large quantities of banana milk and expensive watches!

1. LG


Lee Min Ho has been the face of many LG products since 2009. From cell phones to LG Teen Ring, Lee Min Ho is definitely one of the most famous supporters of LG products. So... who else wants a new cell phone now?

2. Bang Bang

bang bang 1

bang bang 3

Look at young little Lee Min Ho! These advertisements for South Korean clothing company Bang Bang are from back in 2010. Lee Min Ho looks so adorable and fresh faced.

3. Eider

eider 1

eider 3

Eider is a South Korean active wear company that Lee Min Ho has been endorsing since 2011. He's been featured in many ad campaigns and inspired many drama fans to become more active - or at least to dress more active! My question is, does the above jacket come with Lee Min Ho inside? Because that would be a huge selling point!

4. Etude House

etude house 3

etude house 2

Lee Min Ho endorsed the South Korean brand Etude House across Asia from South Korea, to Taiwan, to Singapore. I am already a makeup junkie but seeing Lee Min Ho as the face of this makeup brand makes me even more interested to try some products out. Bonus: Min Ho shot many advertisements for Etude House with the beautiful  Park Shin Hye pictured above!

5. Binggrae Banana Milk

binggrae 2

This is definitely one of the more cutest Lee Min Ho has stared in! I don't really know what banana milk is...but I want to drink it! Check out that commercial above! I wish I had a fridge full of Binggrae's banana milk because I would reenact that adorable dance every night!

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6. Romanson

romanson 3

romanson 1

Swoon. Lee Min Ho is incredibly sexy in these recent 2014 Romanson advertisements. The South Korean watch company has become known world wide and I'm sure that Lee Min Ho's endorsement of the brand will make it even more popular! Who wouldn't want to buy a watch like Lee Min Ho has worn?

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7. Kia Motors

kia 1

kia 2

Why not get a new car to go with your fancy watch! These Chinese Kia advertisements for their new sport sedan, the K3 S, feature Lee Min Ho admiring the sleek car and posing beautifully with it. And white is the perfect color for Lee Min Ho! Once again I wish there was some sort of deal so that you could buy the car with Lee Min Ho inside.

8. Twosome Place

twosome place 1

twosome place 3

Who wouldn't want to share a romantic, fun date with Lee Min Ho? Well, A Twosome Place Dessert Cafe seems like the perfect place! I would spend all my time in this beautiful cafe for the chance to see Lee Min Ho. The delicious looking coffee and desserts would definitely help make the wait more enjoyable!

9. Semir

semir 1

semir 2

Look at that cheeky smile in the first picture! So cute! Lee Min Ho's 2013 advertisement for the Chinese clothing brand Semir features a "microfilm" in which a girl working at a restaurant daydreams about spending the day with the handsome Lee Min Ho. They soak up the sun together, ride along the coast on a white scooter, and have an amazing time. But it's all just a dream...maybe...

10. Lotte Duty Free

lotte 1

lotte 2

Oh god. Lee Min Ho singing. Lotte Duty Free is one of the many promotions Lee Min Ho has done across Asia for for the multinational conglomerate. Modeling along side other Korean superstars like Park Shin Hye and  Jang Keun Suk, Lee Min Ho definitely makes Lotte Duty Free a happy place, for you and me.

What is your favorite Lee Min Ho product or brand endorsement? Do the endorsements of Korean celebrities influence whether or not you would purchase a product or choose one brand over another? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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