Image is as vital to K-pop as the music is. Whenever someone debuts or has a comeback, there’s a new hair style, outfit, or concept entirely. So when girl and boy groups switch out their usual glamorous and edgy outfits for traditional outfits, people get excited. There’s a different charm to seeing them go from modern to classic. Here are 10 actress-idols who not only looked great in historical looks, but acted in one as well. (For the male list, be sure to check out my previous post here!)

1. Yoona (Girls’ Generation) - God of War: Zhao Zi Long

Yoona’s first historical-era role happens to be in the Chinese drama, God of War: Zhao Zi Long. The drama is based on real-life military general, Zhao Yun. Yoona plays the general’s love interest.

2. IUScarlet Heart: Ryeo

In Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, IU plays a modern woman named Hae Soo, who finds herself in a royal palace after being sent back in time into the Goryeo dynasty due to a solar eclipse.

Photo cr: SBS

3. Eun Jung (T-ara) - King Geunchogo

Eun Jung’s follow up to her role as Yoon Baek Hee in the popular series Dream High was as Jin Ah Yi in King Geunchogo. This historical drama also featured another T-ara member, Qri.

Photo cr: KBS

4. Qri (T-ara) - King Geunchogo

Qri has been in two historical dramas thus far: Queen Seon Duk and King Geunchogo. In King Geunchogo, she played Princess Yeo Jin. The photo above is taken on the set of King Geunchogo where Qri is center, and fellow T-ara member, Eun Jung, is on the right.

Photo cr: KBS

5. Bae Suzy (Miss A) – Gu Family Book

Miss A member, Suzy, showed she was more than just her innocent and cute image by taking on the strong female role of martial arts instructor, Dam Yeo Wool, in the period fantasy Gu Family Book (2013).

6. Seo Hyun (Girls’ Generation) – Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

In the upcoming drama Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, Girls’ Generation member, Seo Hyun, acts as Princess Woo Hee. The actress has been in a historical before as the lead in the musical stage adaptation of The Moon that Embraces the Sun.

Photo cr: SBS

7. Uee (After School) - Queen Seon Duk

Uee made her acting debut in 2009 as the young Mi Shil in Queen Seon Duk. While she made her entertainment debut as a member of girl group, After School, her first love is acting.

8. Sulli (Former f(x) member) – Ballad of Suh Dong

Before being a member of f(x) in 2009, she made her debut in acting at the age of 11 as a young Princess Seon Hwa in Ballad of Suh Dong (2005).

Photo cr: SBS

9. Hyomin (T-ara) – Gye Baek

Hyomin gave T-ara fans a pleasant surprise with her role as Cho Young in Gye Baek. The character’s strong image was opposite from her usual girl group image.

Photo cr: MBC

10. Na Eun (Apink) – The Great Seer

Na Eun debuted with Apink in 2011 and made her acting debut as the teenage Hae In in 2012’s The Great Seer.

Photo cr: SBS

Which actress do you think pulls off the historical look the best?

All photos credited as referenced or watermarked. 


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