As we move into the last month of summer, some of you may want to find ways to escape the oppressive heat. If you get tired of going to the pool every day, you can always curl up inside with the AC blasting and a popsicle in hand as you watch a nice, bright K-drama. Not just any K-drama works to beat the heat, though! Some shows are more popsicle-worthy than others. Here are ten fun, lighthearted dramas that are perfect for a breezy summer viewing:

1. Dating Agency: Cyrano

Any of tvN's flower boy shows are nice choices for summer, but Dating Agency: Cyrano might just be the fluffiest of the bunch. As the show follows a team of professional matchmakers who are hired to help people fall in love, the episodic format moves the series along quickly and allows for a lot of fun celebrity cameos. The show's poster earns extra points for featuring a color scheme that looks like a creamsicle.

2. Unemployed Romance

One of the benefits of this romantic comedy is that it's only 10 episodes long, so it doesn't require a long-term commitment. The show, which follows an unemployed writer who runs into her first love, is a short and sweet romance that you can easily burn through in a marathon session or two.

3. High School--Love On

This series just started, so if you're looking for a fun simulcast to follow, look no further! This show features the talented young actress Kim Sae Ron as a guardian angel who has to become human to watch over her charge. It promises a lot of heart and spunk as the sassy angel learns to navigate the world of high school.

4. My Lovely Sam Soon

If you're looking for a classic drama instead of a new show, check out My Lovely Sam Soon, which features Kim Sun Ah and Hyun Bin in a delightful, endearing romance.

5. Dream High

This is the ultimate feel-good show. Stuffed to the brim with catchy tunes and positive messages about following your dreams, this show will have you dancing in the streets.

6. After School: Lucky or Not

Each episode in this web series is under 15 minutes long, which allows you to breeze through the first season. This show focuses on a shy girl who joins a group of flower boys as they draw daily "challenges" they must complete. For people who have fallen in love with Seo Kang Joon from Sly and Single Again or Roommate, season 1 is a chance to see more of him! Season 2 also premieres soon if you finish all of the episodes.

7. Heartstrings

Like Dream High, this is another drama that features music. It also includes a sweet story of young love between Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa.

What happens when romance develops between an obsessive compulsive mystery writer and his psychiatrist? Find out in It’s Okay, That’s Love
8. To the Beautiful You

Yes, it's another high school show, but that's because high school shows tend to have large, energetic casts! To the Beautiful You is great if you love gender-bender dramas but also want something that isn't overly melodramatic.

9. My Princess

In the Cinderella story to end all Cinderella stories, Kim Tae Hee's character literally turns into a princess. What could be more fun? Toss in Song Seung Hun's chocolate abs, and you have a charming, lightweight romantic comedy on your hands.

10. Running Man/Roommate

Want to watch something fun, but don't want to commit to a full drama? Try something new with a variety show! Running Man has all kinds of zany challenges, and you can see many of your favorite actors and actresses in a different setting as they guest star with the hilarious regular cast. Roommate includes a mix of celebrities living together in one house, and the blend of personalities is heartwarming and fun.

What are you watching this summer? What do you recommend as a lighthearted watch? Comment below!

Vivi is an unapologetic Korean drama addict and blogger. She blogs with her K-drama best friend Coco at Kdrama Fighting! She also likes to bring her commentary to the DramaFever crowd.

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