June 4 is Yoochun's 28th birthday (29 in Korean age). His birthday fan meetup in Korea sold out in a matter of fifteen minutes, but we fans outside of Korea still need to celebrate! In honor of the idol-turned-actor's big day, here are ten fun facts you may not know about him:

1. He is so close with his younger brother Park Yoo Hwan that he wore a bracelet his brother gave him for over eight years. When the bracelet contrasted his character in dramas, he would just tape it down to keep it out of sight.

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2. He is ambidextrous, meaning that he can write with both hands.

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3. Although he was born in Seoul, he moved to the US in sixth grade, where he attended middle school and some high school. He shows off his English skills in Miss Ripley:

4. He purchased an ice cream store (Timeout Gelato) for his mother. Sadly, it closed in 2013 when the company that owned the franchise went out of business, but still. Best. Present. Ever.

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5. Speaking of motherly love, one of his four tattoos features his mother's face with "Micky" in Thai on his shoulder blade. His other tattoos are a feather on his ankle, "TVFXQMYC" (for TVXQ and Micky Yoo Chun) on his lower back, and "Always Keep the Faith" and "Jaejung Yuhwan Junsu" on his chest next to a phoenix wing. Incidentally, Jaejoong also has an "Always Keep the Faith" tattoo in the same place on his chest.

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6. He does a pretty mean impression of Rose from Titanic:

7. He has said that his ideal woman is someone with a kind face who "gives a feeling of sunshine." She would also get along well with his relatives and love the people around her.

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Eleven stars. One House. Endless possibilities. Watch the new reality TV show Roommate.

8.Even though he has a dog allergy, he loves dogs so much that he owns three of them: Harang, Namu, and Norae.

9. He prefers wearing long hair, but his drama schedule won't allow it. He has also said that the time it would take to regrow his hair makes it difficult.

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10. He has done quite a bit of charity work, including donating his hat and shoes to a charity auction (he has collected 200 + hats!) and recording books for the blind with the Good Library Project.

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Happy birthday, Yoochun! Best wishes on your big day!

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