The characters we all love, Mickey Mouse, Spider-Man, Sailor Moon, and Snow White, have all not gained an ounce of weight since they were born. Not only that, but they haven't aged one bit! We love them for who they are and what they represent. But what if they didn't look the way they've always looked? To test how you'd feel, here's a top 10 chubby and cute list of our favorite pop culture characters, created by American designer and illustrator Alex Solis.

1. Spider-Man (this could be a problem)

2. Snow White

3. Harry Potter

Watch a young woman discover the secrets of a mysterious secluded mansion on Doll House:

4. Wonder Woman

5. Pikachu

6. Batman

7. Goku

8. Elsa

9. Cookie Monster (looks natural)

10. The King of Pop