Kim Woo Bin usually takes on acting roles of tough guys in his movies and dramas, but when he's off screen (and let's be real, on screen too) he is an absolute cutie pie! Here are 10 GIFS of Kim Woo Bin smiling that are sure to brighten up your day!


Is he an angel or what?


Just look at that adorable little smile!


And look how cute his giant smile is!


Here he is smiling as Choi Young Do from Heirs.


In character again as Park Heung Soo from School 2013.


Look at him smiling and laughing while he was a guest on Running Man!


Here he is being all cute! Is your heart melted yet?

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He even has a shy smile that makes you want to just pinch his cheeks.


While looking at his large smile paired with his perfect eyebrows you can't help but smile too!


Here he is smiling and licking his lips back when he was hosting M! Countdown!

I hope these adorable GIFS of Kim Woo Bin helped brighten up your day a little! If you are now in need of a Woo Bin fix, you can head over and watch him in his major roles in School 2013, Heirs, or even on his 5 episodes of Running Man here, here, here, here, & here!

Enjoy! ~