Lee Min Ho charmed and dazzled four thousand fans at his Minoz World Talk Concert, where he chatted comfortably from a living-room setting. Aside from singing and dancing, he revealed more of his inner thoughts and future plans. Join us as we visit these highlights, including videos at the Minoz Mansion.

The excitement for Lee Min Ho's Talk Concert began long before the January 16 event. Touted as an intimate event with limited seating, it was sold out in one minute. Additional seats were made available later to accommodate the more than enthusiastic fans.

1. Before the talk concert started, various Minoz groups, including international ones, placed congratulatory floral sprays in front of the Grand Peace Palace at Kyung Hee University in Seoul. Many fans came from afar, such as China and Japan, to attend this event.

2. The stage was laid out like a giant living room:

3. Lee Min Ho chatted in a living-room setting. He looked relaxed and talked naturally and comfortably to his audience as if they were guests to his private home.

4. He sang:

You can enjoy 17 minutes straight of Lee Min Ho singing in this great fan-made video that collects the 4 songs he sang on stage: 

5. He danced to the instruction of a commanding DJ:

6. This is how a gentleman star hugs a lucky fan: (That fan must have felt like she won the lottery.)

7. Audience members squealed at a most revealing photo, which was nestled among a group of photos.

8. He revealed more of himself and answered questions from fans:

When asked to choose between Goo Joon Pyo and Kim Tan, he chose Kim Tan. He said Goo Joon Pyo is too meddlesome and Kim Tan is is sensible and understanding. He also said it's as if there's a Kim Tan in his heart. On the other hand, it was during the middle of filming Boys Over Flowers when he first realized that he had become famous. *

He confirmed that his favorite drama is Faith, and Kim Hee Sun is his favorite co-star. His favorite romantic line was also from Faith when Choi Young said, "When I walk toward you, it'll be for eternity." * 

He gave a nice reflection that could be a lesson to every young person: "When I was young, I did not like to talk, did not dare to speak in front of others. My parents felt that this should not be the case, so they enrolled me in speech class, I participated in speech contest. Ummm… although I did not win any prize, I overcame the fear to speak loudly. You see, the timid me in the past is able to stand here and talk to so many people now." *

Will he ever do "that kind of scene?" Lee Min Ho asked right back, "When you mean THAT kind of scene, is it the kind of scene I'm thinking of, what kind of talk is this?" (Witty, isn't he?) As he answered, "I've always been acting in the normal type of romance dramas, if there's a chance in future i will...," the audience interrupted him with a strong dissent. He then said, ""Ok, Ok, I won't film.. I won't film.." *

(Readers, do you want THAT scene from Lee Min Ho? I can't decide.)

9. Lee Min Ho said, "I promise everyone, I'll definitely film a drama within this year."

He explained why he didn't do a drama in 2015 as he previously promised: "I am a man who will and must do what I've said. in 2014, I said I would do a movie and a drama in 2015, but there was no drama after all. That was not because I didn't want to, really because I didn't find the good script. It has been a time for me not to do Korean drama. Will be announced by reporters in a short time." *

Judging from his agency Starhaus's announcement a few days after the Talk Concert, Lee Min Ho's promise about a drama in 2016 should come true soon. 

10. Goodbye, farewell, and best wishes for the future!

As this is a special event for Minoz World, Lee Min Ho thanked his global fan club in conclusion. 

(The following is an approximate translation from a Chinese post.)

I've said many thanks at different occasions and events, but when I think more about it, Minoz fans have confirmed and shaped my existence.

Just like a product that first appeared in this world, it may be well liked by people at that time, but it needs to be upgraded and improved to continue to be liked.

I was very fortunate to be liked by you.

Because of the love you've given me, I gradually became more mature in my personality and sense of responsibility. With the tremendous force that is focused on me, I am also concentrating on working better during my twenties.

I really don't know how to express it better. Any words of thanks are simply too ordinary. This power from you has certainly given me great strength. Minoz fans have helped me enhance my inner being and become more famous. I am still lacking in how to express my gratitude. How can I say it better?

But, because of you, no matter what kind of frustration, incidents, or accidents that may occur in the future, I will be able to overcome and succeed.

For me, in my endeavor to become a good actor, fans and Minoz have become my lifetime partner with whom I can share everything. This is what you mean to me.

Epilogue: Here is a quick review of the Talk Concert in a video released by Minoz World after the event:

Minoz fans will never say goodbye when it comes to Lee Min Ho. The Hallyu susperstar is well known for his determination to excel and deliver his promises. Fans are particularly impressed and touched by his gentle and warm personality.

I know this article is not the same as the real thing, which lasted 2 and a half hours, but hopefully you've enjoyed a brief tour of Lee Min Ho's Talk Concert.

Until next time!

~ NancyZdramaland

Source via Soompi, Twitter, FB, Youtube.

*Approximate translations from Soompi. (Special thanks to pixie022.)

(Image credit as referenced or tagged. Extra thanks to all the fans who posted to social media.)

Watch Lee Min Ho's favorite series, Faith: