We all know how hot the K-drama men are, and I recently proved that the Taiwanese actors can give them a run for their money, but what about the J-drama men? Surely we should not let such hotness go to waste! We must uncover the truth: Japanese dramas are just full of eye candy waiting to be gazed upon! So guard your hearts as we enjoy photos of the 10 hottest Japanese men who might just steal you away from your K-drama biases...

1. Miura Haruma

Oh my HOT! And yet, such boyish charm. Let him charm you in DramaFever's newest J-drama, Last Cinderella.

2. Matsuda Shota

Just look at him smolder! *Fanning self* Smolder right back at him when you watch the hilarious, currently airing J-drama A Clinic On The Sea.

3. Kiriyama Renn

This guy has got the hair-covering-one-eye, pouty-lipped-gaze down! Gaze at him in seasons 1 and 2 of Switch Girl.

4. Furukawa Yuki

Always adorable, but add the glasses, and MAGIC! Enjoy him in the magical J-drama, Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo.

5. Fujiki Naohito

I think he just saw into my soul! Let him into your heart in Last Cinderella, released this week here on DramaFever.

6. Okada Masaki

Does he remind anyone else of Lee Jong Suk? He might be just as cute! Decide for yourself by watching Future Diary: Another World.

7. Fukushi Sota

This kid just kills me! His adorable smile is simply irresistible. Resist him no more in A Clinic On The Sea.

8. Hiro Mizushima

I just. can't. even. ugh. asdfghjkl. His little smile just leaves me speechless.

9. Hiraoka Yuta

Someone needs to be given the Sexiest Shaggy Hair award. When it's all in his eyes, it's just.....You won't be able to take your eyes off him in Future Diary: Another World.

10. Shun Oguri

I can barely even look at him for fear of his hottness burning me up. If you like the bad boy, angsty type then he's the Japanese hottie for you!

BONUS: This photo of Gackt, because kitties never hurt a J-drama hottie's case.

Ok, let's take a breather. Don't all rush over to these shows too quickly. Taking in too many attractive Japanese men all at once has been known to cause such side effects as distraction from work, inability to complete everyday tasks, and dissatisfaction with real men. So, who else should be added to the list? I just had to keep it to ten so I didn't get carried away, but that doesn't mean you can't give them a shout out in the comments! Comment below now!