I'll go ahead and admit it. Korean drama hotties are really what brought me to DramaFever land, and are a large part of why I've become such a rabid fan, but recently my eyes have started to wander a little... I'll never really stray far from my Kdrama biases, but maybe there's a little room in my heart for new love. Ok, maybe I was able to make a lot of room once I starting checking out what's been coming out of Taiwan!

I'll let you in on a little secret: They're incredibly hot and may even give some of our Kdrama men a run for their money (plus I hate to say it, but Taiwanese dramas often have better kiss scenes). Here's a list of 10 Taiwanese hotties that will turn your head...

1. Vanness Wu

He's what I would call a hottie with a naughty body! You can see more of him in the Tdrama Autumn's Concerto.

2. Aaron Yan

If your type is the man who can pull off a perfect combination of sexy and aeygo, then he's the one for you. Check him out in the currently airing Just You.

3. Huang Xiao Ming

Tall, dark, and handsome: Check! (Not to mention he can match a baby panda in adorableness, which can't hurt.) Get more of him in Summer's Desire.

4. Lan Cheng Long

Oh no, here come the dimples! I think he takes the cake for best smile. Let him smile at you in Easy Fortune Happy Life.

5. Chen Bo Lin

Do you love the brooding intellectual type? Well here he is! Love him more in In Time With You.

6. Joe Cheng

Please sir, I want some more...Get what you want by watching It Started with a Kiss.

7. Roy Chiu

That stare. That HOT, HOT stare. Stare back a little when you check him out in Office Girls or Miss Rose.

8. George Hu

How does he manage to have an adorable baby face but still exude testosterone? I don't know, but see for yourself in Love Now and Love Around (currently airing).

9. Ethan Ruan

Look at your man, now look at his face, now look back at your man, now look at his body. Sadly he is not your man. But you can at least pretend while you watch Fated To You!

10. Wen Sheng Hao

This man is a prime example of Asian swag. He can work it standing up or lying down. See him in motion in Substitute Princess.

Alright, take a deep breath. I know I've just shattered your Korean-man-loving world, but don't worry, there's always room for more hotness. And as I always say, you should never discriminate against hotness in any form.

Which of these Taiwanese men have you questioning your love? Have I missed any of your favorites? Comment below!


The angry fan girls have spoken: Mike He must be on this list! So here's a little tribute to calm everyone down.

Ok I get it now! Look at the smize!