Tazza 2: The Hidden Card, starring Choi Seung Hyun (T.O.P) and Shin Se Kyung, is making it's DramaFever Movie Night premiere this weekend! As the deep-voiced rapper of BIGBANG, he is known for his good looks and affinity for formal wear, as well as his silly personality. This movie also features the first time T.O.P has ever taken off his shirt in public.... ever. In honor of the movie, here are 10 images of T.O.P, fully clothed, that will still make you swoon.

1. The classic T.O.P look.

2. T.O.P has been known for changing his hair color, but his most iconic look will always be his blue hair.

3. Even in casual wear he looks fantastic... All puns intended. Seriously, that hat though.

4. White hair with a full-on tux? T.O.P rocks this look. I can even forgive the awful choice of bling.

5. Childhood T.O.P-style. I know what you're thinking, but he somehow manages to make toys look good.

6. In case you can't forgive the toys, he raises you an eyebrow quirk.

7. His cutesy look. Yes, he is blowing kisses at a concert.

8. Teacher? Librarian? I'm not sure, but sign me up!

9. I'm not a fan of patterns unless they are checkers or plaid, but between the obnoxious pink and that face, I'm suddenly okay with it.

10.  Apparently T.O.P also likes dessert. That pout is adorable.

Are you a fan of T.O.P? What do you think of the images? Will you be joining us for the DramaFever premiere of Tazza 2? Check out the trailer below!

Bonus: My favorite ultra-cute GIF of T.O.P!

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