Yoon Si Yoon is back! The 29-year-old actor completed his 21-month enlistment with the Marines and returned home on January 27 to a large crowd of welcoming fans. If you've been missing Yoon Si Yoon in your life, we have photos to share from his release! Check them out below:

1. This one's my favorite. It's nice to see that he bonded with the other Marines!




5. Oh, how we've missed this smile!


7. It looks like he gt a little emotional during the event as well.




Yoon Si Yoon has not chosen his comeback project yet. I guess we can give him a few days to relax and enjoy being home, but we're eagerly anticipating news of his next drama! 

Are you excited to see Yoon Si Yoon back from military service? Which picture is your favorite? Comment below!

Watch Yoon Si Yoon in Flower Boy Next Door:

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