Part of the fun of K-dramas is finding your new favorite actors and actresses. Once an excellent show wraps up, it isn't uncommon to jump right over to another show with your new favorite star. After all, how many people watched Playful Kiss because they wanted to see "Ji Hoo" get the girl or Heartstrings because it was the romantic pairing they WISHED they had gotten in You're Beautiful? It's always satisfying when we see talented actors move from secondary roles into the spotlight, but sometimes we get a little impatient for this transition. Second leads are great and all, but we want to see our biases with top billing, where the majority of screen time (and romance) will be devoted to their talent! Here are just a few of the top actors and actresses who have paid their dues in the wings and would kill it in a leading role:

1. Kim Woo Bin

It's sometimes hard to remember that Kim woo Bin hasn't actually been the primary lead in a K-drama when he steals pretty much every scene he has ever entered in the history of everything. After all, we already talked about all of the times we couldn't resist his charm, so it's only natural that he would actually get the girl at some point in his career. I know that grumpy chaebol heir dramas are a dime a dozen these days, but seriously, I would looooooooove to see a sassy poor girl reform this guy--and have her actually return his affection!

2. Lee Yoon Ji

I guess this is cheating a bit since Yoon Ji is currently starring in the weekend drama King's Family, but long family dramas tend to have such big casts that it would be nice to see her in a different (shorter) genre where it's just all about her! I liked Lee Yoon Ji's characters in Goongand Dream High, but it was her portrayal of the princess in King 2 Hearts that really blew me away. If that role didn't tug at your heartstrings, then I'm sorry to inform you that you are probably a robot. You might want to get that checked out sometime. Lee Yoon Ji would have no trouble at all commanding the screen as the lead in anything from a romcom to a melo.

3. Jae Joong

His role as the straightlaced cousin in Protect the Boss was a dream come true for many fans, but an even better dream would be if he got to headline his own drama. The bonus? You already know who to use for the soundtrack!

4. Park Ki Woong

Yeah, yeah, we get that he's great at playing nice guys on the sidelines, but we want him to be the lead already! Just look at that heart-melting smile!

5. Shin So Yool

When Yoo In Na played the worldly best friend in Secret Garden, no one knew she would become a breakout star in Queen In Hyun's Man. I think the same thing might happen here. Shin So Yool was great as the best friend in Answer Me 1997, but we will never know what she can really do until she gets a central role.

6. Jung Suk Won

His comedic portrayal of the meathead with a heart of gold was a pleasant surprise on Rooftop Prince, but he has handled more serious roles (like the teacher on White Christmas) as well. Given his muscle-bound physique, he might do well at the forefront of an action drama.

7. Han Jung Soo

I feel like Han Jung Soo is always stuck playing the stern guy who loves rules, even in romantic comedies like Prosecutor Princess. I cant help but wonder how he would do in a lighter leading role. Can't you just hear that rich voice whispering "saranghae"? I can.

8. Kim Jae Wook

He was mysterious and handsome in Coffee Prince, but let's be honest; he's really on this list because of his heartbreaking role as the comatose boyfriend on Who Are You. The next time I cry tears over this guy, they'd better be tears of joy!

9. Kim Ye Won

She's one of those actresses who often gets relegated to the "bratty best friend" or the "crazy mean girl" roles. She even had a recent role in Pretty Man as a hilarious psychic. Something tells me that, if given the chance, she could make a pretty feisty female lead!

10. Kim Seul Gi

Ever since Flower Boy Next Door, this woman was #1 on my list of people who deserve a starring role. Well, my prayers to the drama gods much have worked because she has the lead in the new series Infinite Power. Sadly, it's just a webseries so the episodes are all really short. C'mon, drama gods--you can do better than that!

Who else would you like to see making the move from a second (or third or fourth) lead into starring roles? There are so many to choose from! Comment below!

Vivi is an unapologetic Korean drama addict and blogger. She blogs with her K-drama best friend Coco at Kdrama Fighting! In her free time, she likes to bring her commentary to the DramaFever crowd.