Dimples add a dazzling effect to smiles and amplify the cuteness of anyone in possession of them. With K-drama stars, the effect seems to be multiplied many times over. Who doesn't adore when their favorite idol flashes them a dimpled smile? Here we appreciate 10 K-drama actors and actresses who were blessed with dazzling dimpled smiles. 

1. Kim BumThat Winter, The Wind Blows

Kim Bum captured the hearts of millions from the first time they laid eyes on him in Boys Over Flowers as So Yi Jung. It was hard to believe he could get any more adorable until he flashed those dimples and hearts melted everywhere. 

2. Lee Sang Yoon- Liar Game

Lee Sang Yoon is well known for his prominent dimples. Although we didn't get to see his dimples much in Liar Game due to the more melodramatic nature of his role, we get to see the full effect of his smile in Angel Eyes. No matter what role he plays, he manages to capture our hearts. 

3. Oh Yeon SeoShine or Go Crazy

We were most recently treated to the beautiful and captivating smile of Oh Yeon Seo in Shine or Go Crazy, where her optimism and happy personality meant that her dimples where in full display for us all to enjoy. 

4. Lee Ha Nui Shine or Go Crazy

Shine or Go Crazy spoiled us with two actresses showing off their beautiful dimples to us. Whether smirking or giving us an evil grin, Lee Ha Nui showed off her stunning pair often. 

5. Choi Jin HyukPride and Prejudice

Choi Jin Hyuk's dimples are of the more modest variety. They aren't something that are blaringly obvious the second he begins to smile, but once you begin to notice them they'll be there for you to enjoy forevermore. 

6. Hyun BinHyde, Jekyll, and I

Hyun Bin is no stranger to dimples. He knows how to use them to get the full benefit of facial expressions. He doesn't even need to break into a full-out grin for us to be graced with the presence of those beauties.  

7. Han Ji Min- Hyde, Jekyll, and I 

Han Ji Min is hard to miss with those beautiful dimples in Rooftop Prince. Her character had us rooting for her the whole time. We also get to enjoy her sparkling smile in her most current project, Hyde, Jekyll, and I.

8. Kang So RaDoctor Stranger

Kim So Ra managed to show off her cute dimples to us in Dream High 2, but during Doctor Stranger is when her dimples really came into full force.We can't wait to see them next in Jeju Island Gatsby.

9. Park Min WooModern Farmer

Park Min Woo's dimples are fascinating to watch as their placement is quite different than the regular dimple, being a little lower and closer to his mouth. They also show up for all different types of emotions from happy to sad to angry. Having said that, every time they pop out, our hearts beat a little more quickly.

10. Joo WonTomorrow's Cantabile

One of the most loved K-drama actors, Joo Won has a beautiful face made even more dazzling by his perfect dimples. We're lucky he has been such a sought-after actor, as we get to enjoy his face in many of our favorite K-dramas. 

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Which K-drama star do you feel has the most dazzling smile? Do you go for the obvious pair of dimples or a more subtle set?