Who doesn't like a good makeover in a drama? It's a trope that's been around in romantic comedies for as long as the genre has existed. K-dramas seem to have latched onto this fun idea and have stretched it as far as it can go. The more awkward and unseemly the before, the better the transformation making us all gasp to see what was hidden under all that makeup and bad hair. Sometimes it's incredibly successful — think Yoon Eun Hye in Marry Him If You Dare and Lee Jong Suk in Pinocchio. Here is a list of 10 actors and actresses who have shown an amazing transformation through a reverse makeover for a role:

1. IUDream High

IU has such a naturally beautiful face that it took some major effort from the makeup artists and wardrobe people on the show Dream High to make IU look like the dorky character she portrays. Not only did they give her a wig and some glasses, but she actually wore a fat suit. Add to that the less-than-perfect makeup, and we finally arrive at a character who is still mostly attractive, just not super humanly so. Contrast that to the character she plays in Producer and you'll see how far they had to go to make her just average. 

2. Gong Hyo JinThe Master's Sun

She is an actress who is so versatile, and her looks change so often shifting around the characters she is portraying. Even though her reverse makeover for The Master's Sun wasn't a super dramatic one, I added it to the list because of the amount of time I spent just wishing I could wipe under her eyes with one of those facial cleansing wipes. Her eye makeup constantly looked smudged. Add to that the often very pale skin and frizzy hair, and you have a character that is far less attractive than the actress who plays her. 

3. Lee Chung AhFlower Boy Ramen Shop

Lee Chung Ah dresses in mismatched clothes that are far from fashionable to portray her character in Flower Boy Ramen Shop. Despite the terrible fashion choices and the scraggly hair, it's very difficult to hide her beauty. In truth I barely noticed her reverse makeover until it got fixed later in the show and you get to see her real beauty shine. 

4. Son Ye JinPersonal Taste

Son Ye Jin along with the stylists on the show went all out to help her look less than attractive for this role. With her terrible, wavy/frizzy hairdos, glasses that didn't compliment her beautiful face and the gigantic and horrific overalls, I would say they very successfully covered her natural beauty. I know her acting very well, and yet when watching Personal Taste I still was in disbelief that it was really her. 

5. Yoon Eun HyeMarry Him If You Dare

I never would have thought that it would be possible to make Yoon Eun Hye look unattractive. But alas I was wrong. Her look for Marry Him If You Dare was actually shocking. With her frizzy, curly, poodle-like hair combined with her makeup that worked to actually hide her best features, it made her look like a completely different person. Not to mention the less-than-flattering clothing choices. I love her boldness and confidence in herself to look so different from what she is so praised for by media. 

6. Lee Jong SukPinocchio

When Lee Jong Suk portrays the younger version of Choi Dal Po, he has to do so with a really quite atrocious wig on top of his head. Lee Jong Suk started his career out as a model and for good reason, as he is incredibly photogenic. I'm not sure I've ever seen him looking even slightly unattractive until I saw him in that wig. It's amazing how much it changes the look of his face. Even he said that the wig was uglier than he imagined and showed great discomfort at having to wear it. 

7. Kim Soo HyunDream High

Similarly, Kim Soo Hyun also donned a wig for his role in Dream High. Trying to show him off as a naive country bumpkin, the wig also dramatically changes the way he looks. This wig is so completely and absolutely awful. It's wavy in all the wrong ways, the length is terrible, and it looks like it's never been combed — ever. It seems to highlight Kim Soo Hyun's features in all the wrong ways. 

8. Jung Kyung HoFalling in Love with Soon Jung

Jung Kyung Ho's character's transformation in Falling in Love with Soon Jung was quite shocking. His look as the cold-hearted businessman was very unattractive. The copper hair  was too long for his quite delicate features. Add to that the wave that seemed to be permanently crimped, reminding me of 40's era flapper girls. Let's just say the look was far from my favorite. Every time I watched the show I desperately wanted to take scissors to his hair. Thank goodness they took care of it a few episodes in. 

9. Lee Tae SungPlayful Kiss

Lee Tae Sung's character was styled perfectly for the role. I commiserated with Oh Ha Ni feeling that his character was lovable and kind but also incredibly annoying and not someone whom she would ever be attracted to. This was the first K-drama I saw Lee Tae Sung act in, and so I was incredibly shocked to realize that he was actually a very attractive male outside of his Elvis look. 

10. Kim Woo BinHeirs

This is going to be my most controversial choice, but there it is. I absolutely adore Kim Woo Bin and I also felt that his acting in Heirs was beyond fantastic. After watching him in Heirs, I realized what an incredibly nuanced actor he actually is. Having said that, about half way through the series they started styling his hair from being gelled back to that fluffy falling forward look, and I really, really disliked it. I guess they were trying to show his softer side, but I really felt it didn't suit his look at all and because he is such a great actor, I don't think he needed the hair to showcase that. He did it all on his own.

Which reverse makeovers shocked you? Who do you think had the best transformation overall?

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