In the world of K-drama CEOs, managers of multinational corporations, executives, and heirs, power suits in all their glorious variations are front and center. Some wear it with a patterned shirt or an interesting tie. Others skip the tie and go for a scarf, and others even still shed all formality and go for the unbuttoned, free, and caring look. Whichever way the suit is worn, these 10 stars pull off some amazing fashion portraying characters on different K-drama series, all of them exuding power and confidence.

1. Kim Jae Joong -Triangle

Kim Jae Joong looks amazing dressed up in this dark on dark suit in Triangle. Although he starts off as not particularly wealthy, his character Jang Dong Chul always decides to dress well, perhaps because he is confident but also because dressing well gives him the confidence and power he is looking for. He later climbs up the ranks and becomes the leader of his own gang, and as a result, out come the perfectly tailored suits. Normally navy blue on black is not a great combination, but we are loving it on Kim Jae Joong. 

2. Lee Jong Suk - Pinocchio

Although we think Lee Jong Suk looks great in the high school uniform worn on Pinocchio (minus the wig, of course — because that thing was terrible), we love him so much more as the grown up Choi Dal Po who wears suits to work. He pulls off what would be thought of as a fairly boring and ordinary suit as if it was made for him. Considering Lee Jong Suk started off as a model, we are not all that surprised. He really does look good in everything. 

3. Hyun BinHyde, Jekyll and I

Hyun Bin plays Goo Seo Jin, who is a fairly stiff and proper character, in Hyde, Jekyll and I, and so it was especially fun to see Geo Seo Jin wearing suits with funky details that made his character seem just a little bit softer around the edges. His gingham shirts and printed ties or the neatly folded polka dotted pocket squares all made him stand out in the style department. 

4. Park Yoo ChunSensory Couple

Park Yoo Chun's outfits on Sensory Couple are extremely stylish in a very unexpected way. His character Choi Moo Gak's suit jackets are often paired with a hoodie or jean jacket to give it that casual, charming vibe, and we are all falling for it. These outfits help him to switch from a serious detective to a sweet and funny guy without batting an eyelash, and we are with him every step of the way. 

5. Ahn Jae Hyun - Blood

Ahn Jae Hyun is another example of a model who has turned to acting and is dominating the K-drama scene with his beautiful features. His perfect physique and experience in the fashion industry lead him to some characters with exceptional fashion sense, as is the case with his character Park Ji Sang from Blood. I don't think any actor has ever made a doctor's coat look both so fashionable and so good. I'm also loving the layered suit look with the turtleneck under the well-fitted dress shirt. 

6. Jung Kyung Ho -Falling in Love With Soon Jung

In the more daring suit fashion category, we have Jung Kyung Ho's character from Falling in Love with Soon Jung. He plays Kang Min Ho, the so-called corporate killer. He has revenge on his mind and does it while wearing ridiculously fashionable clothes. I'm not sure everyone could pull of the looks that Jung Kyung Ho can, at least not with such confidence and conviction that make us unable to take our eyes off him. 

7. Lee Joon - Heard It Through The Grapevine

In Heard It Through The Grapevine Lee Joon's character Han In Sang goes from a brilliant high school student from an exceptionally well connected and wealthy family to a family man married to someone insignificant. Hang in Sang shows off his wealth in a dapper suit complete with a perfect bow tie but then also wears suits with a sweater underneath and running shoes. We love his fashion sense on the show, showing that he doesn't bow down to anyone's expectations of him, always choosing his own path in life. 

8. Yeon Woo JinA Divorce Lawyer in Love

Yeon Woo Jin has been showing off both his ability to look good in a suit and his hilarious facial expressions in his newest series A Divorce Lawyer in Love. He pulls off both a lighter beige suit and the perfectly tailored black and white tux with confidence and a winning smile. I think the smile is his best accessory. 

9. Kim Soo Hyun - My Love From Another Star

Kim Soo Hyun's character Do Min Joon really knows how to wear a suit. Who wouldn't want him to be their professor? Although he doesn't go for the flashiest suits or interesting patterns, rather opting for an exceptionally tailored black suit, the detail that works so well for him is the skinny black tie and a pressed white shirt with no wrinkles in sight. Never did a skinny black tie look so good. He looks more like he should be modelling for one of the big fashion names out there rather than standing in front of a class giving a lecture. 

10. Choi Jin Hyuk - Emergency Couple

Choi Jin Hyuk proves how he can pull off any look in Emergency Couple. His character goes from wearing a formal wedding tux to wearing a lightly colored checkered suit jacket and open collared white shirt. These two suits are in stark contrast to each other, and yet they both look so good on him. Which look do you prefer?

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These top 10 stars have proven that all different types and styles of suits can be fashionable and look good if worn with confidence. Which star do you feel pulls off his suit style best?