Singing all your favorite K-Pop with your friends at Norebang is an absolute given, but you know there are always times you want to bust out singing your favorite K-drama OSTs. Let's face it, there are times when the K-drama OSTs are better than the actual drama themselves but hey we love them anyways. From unforgettable ballads to upbeat, K-pop sounding songs and everything in-between, here are 10 K-drama OSTs you have to sing when you go to Norebang.

1. Almost Paradise - T-Max from Boys Over Flowers

Okay seriously, we all know we bust out singing this song every time we hear the first beats. Who could forget this iconic song! It instantly reminds me of Lee Min Ho's ridiculous hairstyle and the crazy antics that were pulled in this drama. I feel like it's the K-drama OST of all OSTs. This song is definitely a classic and I just knew I had to have it on this list.

2. Dream High - JOO, Taecyeon, Kim Soo Hyun, Suzy, Jang Wooyoung from Dream High

Dream High! A chance to fly high! Gather up all of your friends and sing to this song at Norebang all night long! I always like to imagine that I went to a music school just like them. Also, it's a great chance to test out your Korean rap skills with Taecyeon's part!

3. My Destiny - Lyn from My Love From Another Star

DO MANGERRRRRRRR! If you love this drama to pieces (it's one of my favorites!) and still want more, a great way to get a piece of this drama into your life is to sing this amazing OST at Norebang. Bust out your ballad skills and pretend you're singing to Do Min Joon.

4. I'm Saying - Lee Hong Ki from Heirs

So things with Heirs could have gone better but what was perfect about this K-drama was the OST. Lee Hong Ki's I'm Saying was probably the main OST for this drama and I loved hearing it whenever it played in the drama. Relive all the madness Heirs brought and sing this OST at your next Norebang party.

5. Echo - Every Single Day from I Hear Your Voice

This drama seriously had one of the best OSTs I've ever heard. (And I'm not just saying that cause it was the first DramaFever Drama Club I did!) This OST was so lovely to listen to and it definitely fit in with the drama. Fans of this drama should have this song as a must sing at Norebang!

6. Touch Love - Yoon Mi Rae from The Master's Sun

Who could ever forget this sweet and lovely OST from The Master's Sun. So many feelings all packed into a four minute song and ugh I just can't handle it. Also an A+ goes to Yoon Mi Rae for singing this song! Her voice sounded so lovely in this song and see if you could recreate the same feeling while at Norebang.

7. Back In Time - Lyn from The Moon That Embraces The Sun

I swear, Lyn's OSTs are alway so beautiful and Back In Time is no exception to that. Get your historical K-Drama on and sing this OST in your best ballad voice!

9. Crazy of You - Hyorin from The Master's Sun

The OSTs from The Master's Sun strikes again with Hyorin's "Crazy of You." This song is a definite must-sing song for fans of The Master's Sun. Just by singing this song will bring out all the feelings you had when watching the drama! Ah, I can already feel my feelings coming back just thinking about it.

10. Stand Up - J-Min from To The Beautiful You

Now, we might all admit that this drama wasn't exactly what we were hoping for, but this OST is seriously so catchy and amazing. It's definitely a more upbeat, lots of guitar in it type of song but hey those are the most fun to sing to at Norebang! Sing your heart out!

Of course, these are only a few of the amazing K-Drama OSTs listed but there are so many more out there! Which 10 K-Drama OSTs would you pick to sing at Norebang?

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