The queens of K-pop are rising in fame internationally, and not just for their catchy music. Many of our recent K-drama leading ladies actually got their start as idols, or are currently hot on both scenes. To celebrate their success, we have partnered with Spotify to curate the K-pop Idols: Ladies Edition playlist!  Follow DramaFever on Spotify to hear the hottest songs from these female powerhouses and see some of your favorite K-Pop idols as leading ladies in these 10 amazing K-dramas.

1. Fool's Love, starring UEE of After School.

It's not easy being Ho Goo (Choi Woo Sik), a low-key guy who can neither score a date nor score high enough on his civil service exams, which he's failed 7 years running. But when he has a chance reunion with national swimming champion Do Hee (UEE), the most popular girl of his high school, his luck begins to change — perhaps for the worse. After staying out all night with Do Hee, Ho Goo experiences a rude awakening when he realizes that not only has Do Hee left him, she's also pregnant!


2. Gu Family Book, starring Bae Su Ji (Suzy) of Miss A

When Yoon Seo Hwa (Lee Yeon Hee) falls for Gu Wol Ryung (Choi Jin Hyuk) the guardian spirit of the Jiri mountains, their doomed love quickly blossoms in the form of their child, Kang Chi (Lee Seung Gi). As a newborn, Kang Chi is sent down a river, and is raised amongst humans. Life is normal as he works for Park Moo Sol (Uhm Hyo Sup) at the Hundred Year Inn, until he realizes his otherworldly nature: he’s neither completely human, nor a true gumiho. When tragedy befalls his loved ones, Kang Chi realizes he'll need to control his newfound power in order to protect his family and come to terms with his unique identity.


3.  City Hunter, starring Goo Hara of KARA

Jin-pyo is now a ruthless drug lord living in the Golden Triangle with a secret past who raises Yoon-sung to be a skilled soldier. Jin-pyo tells Yoon-sung the true story of his past and Yoon-sung vows to exact revenge on the five men involved in the killing of his father.


4. Answer Me 1997, starring Jung Eun Ji of A-pink

It’s official: the 90’s are back! The warm glow of nostalgia lights up this delightful high school drama following a group of friends through those halcyon days of — you guessed it — the last glorious decade of the 20th century. This sweet drama is sure to please anyone who has fond memories of innocent kpop, Guess t-shirts and Super Nintendo. Starring Jung Eun Ji of the kpop group APink, Seo In Gook (Love Rain), Shin So Yool, and former 90's k-pop idol Eun Ji Won of Sechs Kies!


5. You're the Best, Lee Shoo Shin, starring Lee Ji Eun (IU)

Lee Soon Shin (IU) has difficulty living up to the legacy of her name. Despite being named after a powerful general, she's been coddled as the youngest sibling, and is the least successful in her family. When her father passes away suddenly, and the family falls into debt, Soon Shin finds herself desperate to help ease her family's burdens. Her sunny and spirited attitude attracts Shin Joon Ho (Jo Jung Suk), a talent agent banking on a comely return-on-investment. However, both of them get more than they expected when their partnership turns both of their lives around for the better.


6. To The Beautiful You, starring Choi Seol Ri (Sulli) of f(x)

This perennially favorite series finds itself in its third incarnation with an all-star cast of South Korean pop stars. Sulli stars as Gu Jae Hee, a love struck high schooler who’s hell bent on transferring to an all-male prep school. Disguised as a boy, Jae Hee infiltrates the campus and finds herself thwarted by lovable goofballs and heartthrobs, but she never loses aim of her mission to rehabilitate the elusive Kang Tae Joon (Choi Minho), a promising young athlete who abruptly and mysteriously retreated from his beloved sport. Will Jae Hee heal Tae Joon’s wounds without blowing her cover?


7. KARA: Secret Love, starring KARA

Secret Love is a miniseries of five romantic stories featuring the members of Kpop group KARA!


8. Hyde, Jekyll and I, starring Hyeri of Girl's Day

Goo Seo Jin (Hyun Bin) reaches an all-time low when he uses his power as a theme park director to decommission Wonderland's popular circus. Refusing to give in to the demands of her frosty boss, ringleader Jang Ha Na (Han Ji Min) puts up a fight, but is thrown off guard when Seo Jin's secret persona reveals itself with genuine kindness. In the battle to save her circus, Ha Na realizes she must tease out Seo Jin's brighter side with magic, wonder and love, but who's listening — Jekyll or Hyde?


9. Love Rain, starring Im Yoon Ah (Yoona) of Girl's Generation (SNSD)

From the famed director of the seasonal dramas Autumn in my Heart , Winter Sonata , Spring Waltz , andSummer Scent comes a new melodrama about young love in the 1970s, and in the present day. Jang Geun Suk ( You're Beautiful ) and SNSD's Yoona ( 9 End 2 Outs ) star as the ill-fated lovers over two generations. Suh In Ha is a sensitive artist who falls in love at first sight with fellow college student Kim Yoon Hee. The two of them develop feelings for each other, but before they can do anything, In Ha's best friend Lee Dong Wook professes his love for Yoon Hee. Not wanting to ruin his friendship, In Ha takes a backseat and watches as the girl he loves gets farther away from him. Fast-forward to the present day Seoul, where In Ha's son Suh Joon meets and falls in love with Ha Na, Kim Yoon Hee's daughter. The children are completely different from their parents in personality, but fate pulls them together. Will they be able to stay together, and undo their parents' mistakes?


10. Roommate, starring Park Bom of 21NE, Sunny of Girl's Generation (SNSD), Youngji from KARA, and Im Jin Ah (Nana) of After School and Orange Caramel  

11 celebrities come together to live in a large house. Friendships will form, romances will blossom, and tensions will boil over!


COMING SOON: Producer, starring IU

IU will be playing a cold and cynical celebrity who is known as an ice queen. Her character became hardened after having grown up in the entertainment industry and witnessing how people can be shallow and disloyal in this drama about what goes on behind the scenes in the entertainment industry.

Producer premieres May 8 exclusively on DramaFever! You can sign up for new episode alerts HERE!

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