2NE1's hit song "I Am the Best"  recently made Fuse TV's 19 best workout songs.  Here are 10 more K-pop songs that are great to move your body to. 

1. SHINee - "Dream Girl" 

The boys of SHINee get us started with a dance beat that gets our legs moving.

2. Henry -  "1-4-3"

Henry will leave you smiling as you move to this song.

3. Crayon Pop - "Bar Bar Bar"

This song will keep you smiling as you consider whether you really needed those knees or not. 

4. BEAST - "Beautiful Night"

The boys of BEAST will keep you moving with this catchy number.   

5.  U-KISS - "Neverland"

The club beat in this song will keep your heartbeat on a steady rhythm. 

6. LU:KUS - "So Into U"

These five boys are new to the scene, having just debuted this last July, but their first single has an infectious hook that will keep you humming after the workout is done. 

7.  G-Dragon - "Crooked"

Because every exercise playlist needs a song you can kick butt to.

8. Teen Top - "Rocking"

Teen Top will get your metabolism up while your feet move.

9. F(x) -  "Electric Shock"

The girls of f(x) know how to keep the beat moving with just a quick spot to catch your breath before taking you to the end.

10. Super Junior M - "Super Girl"

The smooth voices and fun chorus of this catchy tune can wrap up any workout. 

What are your favorite songs to work out, dance, or move to? I was a wedding Dj for many years, and so I like songs that have a bit of a club beat where I just can't sit still. What type of songs do you like best?  

I'm sharing the playlist that I use when I'm tired and just need to build up my energy.  Is your favorite song in it?