Have you ever heard a Kdrama character say a phrase so often that it gradually becomes a part of your vocabulary? Here are 10 of the phrases that never left me, even post-drama.

1. "Get Lost!" - Joong Won from Master's Sun

The whole line plus hand gesture is PRICELESS! Makes even the most intense moments softer :3

2. "I OVERCAME it!" - Dok Go Jin from The Greatest Love

Any moment that includes this phrase makes it a funny one. Oh, and don't forget the hand gesture..."Gu Bong!"

3. "A. Piece. Of. Poop." - Maestro Kang from Beethoven Virus

Obviously, it seemed as if he wasn't doing it for the sake of laughs (most times it seemed to hurt the viewer more than the character), but he is SO fun to re-enact, seriously!

4. "Go Mi Nam" - Hwang Tae-Kyung from You're Beautiful

No one can forget how he calls her everytime, even up to the point where WE find ourselves answering him:

5. "Is this the best you can do? Are you sure?" - Kim Joo Won from Secret Garden

Who could forget this line which Joo Won said ALL THE TIME? Many even say that it's almost a trademark of his...either way, it's still funny but also catchy to repeat.

6. "Yes, Chef!" - Seo Yoo-Kyung from Pasta

Really catchy, and it gets stuck in your head up to the point where you will eventually start imitating her too...YES CHEF!

7. "My Chan~~ my Chan~~" - Jin Ha-Rim from Coffee Prince

It's really sweet how he gives Eun-Chan that nickname, and it's pretty catchy too <3 You totally wished someone could call you like that too :3

*hint hint* it pops out after 30sec ;)

8. "You have a message! You have a message!" - Gil Ra Im in Kim Joo Won's body from Secret Garden

THE CUTEST THING EVA!!! Seriously, who can't help but repeat it after seeing this face say it >//<

9. "Cause I'm Dok Go Jin!" - Dok Go Jin fromThe Greatest Love

It's not just what he says, but how he says it...he was such an AMAZING CHARACTER!! Dok Go Jin, we all

miss you~~~

Here's a clip to revive our memories...

10. 'Kim Su Han Mu' Poem - Kim Joo Won from Secret Garden

Everyone better admit it; you've all tried to say that entire line at least once in your life. I'll admit, I actually had it memorized! However, this line wasn't really something I could use on a day-to-day basis sooooooo it's kind of gone...a shame really :'(

Here is a copy of the line anyway. See if you can try and memorize it too (if you have nothing else better to do that is hehe)

"Kim Soo Han Moo Geo Bukgi Wa Doo Roo Mi Sam Cheon Gab Sa Dong Bang Sark Chi Chi Ka Po Sa Ri Sa Ri Sen Ta Weo Ri Weo Ri Se BBu Ri Ka Moo Doo Sel La Goo Roomi Heo Ri Kae In Dam Byeo Rak Seo Sang Won eh Go Yang ee Ba Du Ki Neun Dol Dol ee…"

All right there it is, my top ten for you guys! So, let me know in the comments what other unforgettable lines do you remember from the K-dramas you have watched :)