Fashion and style are a part and parcel of Korean dramas so there is probably a list a mile long of all the amazing dresses that have been featured. As we've seen time and time again the fashion of a character can transform the actor in ways you wouldn't expect. It's one of the things that makes the world of K-drama fashion so interesting to watch. This list of dresses helped form the characters wearing them and could do the same for you. From the dresses that you only bring out once or twice a year for that extra special occasion, to the every day dress, this list has it all. 

1. Cha Eun Sang's Red Dress-Heirs

This is the ultimate party dress. A perfect shape and colour with the most beautiful detailing. This dress could function as a special occasion dress or a dinner date with friends or loved ones. Although not something to wear every day it would brighten up your closet and encourage you to go to functions where you can pull out this stunner. 

2. Sa Geum Ran's Orange Lace Dress- Birth Of A Beauty

A perfect dress for fall or spring. A bright splash of orange can help get you in the mood for summer or help you hold onto the last warm days of the fall. Either way this dress looks great paired with black tights and high heels. A great hybrid dress that can go from casual to moderately dressy for an evening out. 

3. Nam Da Jung's Black Sequin Dress- The Prime Minister and I

A definite special occasion dress. This is the ultimate New Year's Eve party or Holiday party dress. The boat neckline gives it an air of elegance to offset the bedazzling sequins. I especially love it with hair swept to one side just like these pictures from The Prime Minister and I. 

4. Cheon Song Yi's Valentino Dress- My Love From Another Star

Pretty much everything Cheon Song Yi wears is fabulous. There is no outfit in the world that could make her look bad. This look shown in My Love From Another Star and straight off Valentino's 2014 spring line up is fantastic. Something you could wear every day but has that touch of extravagance and luxury to it that makes every day feel special. I also love the makeup she is wearing. The bright pink lips help make the outfit pop. 

5. Tae Gong Sil's Bird Dress- The Master's Sun

The bird print dress with it's adorable bow and low cut back is perfect for summer nights. Wear it on a date, for a night out with friends, to the beach or wherever. This dress is fun and sweet and is another stunner that can be dressed up or made casual with a pair of sandals and loose wavy hair. 

6. Chae Young Shin's Red Dress- Healer

The side detailing and the neckline on this dress make it eye catching. Although it's not a dress you would pull out every day, when it is worn it's got that extra oomph that will help you feel excited to wear it out. 

7. Seol Nae Il's Plaid Dress- Tomorrow's Cantabile

Seoul Nae Il's fashion choices were often questionable. But this dress is the perfect every day fall/winter dress. In the warmer months worn with bare legs and flats and in the winter months paired with black leggings and ankle boots. Perfect for the girlyest of girls and tomboys alike.

8. Ji Hye Soo's Blue Denim Dress- It's Okay, That's Love. 


Another great casual dress- although if worn with beautiful high heels, an updo and some statement jewelry, could definitely be worthy of a special night out. This dress is something that can transform from taking you on your errands, to a lunch out with friends, to a date night with that special someone. It's really the perfect dress. 

9.Rachel Yoo's Blue and Black Dress- Heirs

Rachel Yoo's dress in Heirs is more for the trendsetters out there. It's super sculpted lines and detailing mean that it won't flatter every body type out there, but I think the main thing needed with this dress is confidence. If worn with confidence, heads will turn. That blue is also the most perfect blue, so bright and eye catching. 

10. Gil Da Ran's Colour Block Dress- Big

Gil Da Ran sports this sweet dress in Big. It's feminine with a touch of sporty. The pop of colour takes it from boring to adorable. Definitely a dress that could be worn again and again, day in and day out. 

Which dresses would you most want in your closet? The dress that Cha Eun Sang wears in Heirs is my favourite!