One of the advantages of Kdramas is that even while they focus on the central love story, they still have the time and space to bring us funny, colorful, loyal side characters. Sometimes when I watch, I catch myself wishing that I could collect some of these Kdrama characters as my own best friends. So let’s celebrate these characters who shine even when they’re not in the spotlight with a list of our top 10 Kdrama sidekicks!

For this list, I decided to exclude anyone who was a love interest. Second male leads are often great sidekicks, but they’re a different kind of friend, if you know what I mean.

1.Ha Soo In, City Hall

City Hall is stuffed to the brim with wonderful supporting characters, but one of my favorites has to be Soo In, secretary and frenemy to Jo Gook. He has some aspirations of his own, but these only make him better suited to put Jo Gook in his place when he needs it.

It doesn’t hurt that the two of them make such a deliciously handsome duo.

2. Lee Myung Ran, Protect the Boss

Myung Ran has been there for Eun Seol through thick and thin. She’s always ready to pat you on the back or conk your enemies on the head. I love her even more for her dreams of becoming a professional female wrestler.

You go, Myung Ran! Hit him with the chair!

3.Oska, Secret Garden

With larger-than-life Oska as a friend, you’ll never have to worry about throwing dull dinner parties! Even though he likes to push Joo Won’s buttons, he’s always there to support him and push him when it really matters.

Who can say no to someone who can get away with wearing a cheetah print robe?

4. Jin, Nail Shop Paris

I can’t include Jeremy from You’re Beautiful since he’s in love with the lead and that would be breaking my own rules, but Jin is the next best thing! His optimistic attitude and love of life are perfect in a sidekick. The only problem is that he’s definitely much, much better at being cutesy than I am.

5.Hwang Soon Bum, Vampire Prosecutor

You know you have a real friend when you turn into a vampire and your buddy doesn’t seem to mind. Soon Bum is a little rough around the edges with his gangster-like approach to police work, but he also has a fun, lighthearted approach to life that serves as an excellent foil for his brooding friend.

6.Goo Yong Ha (“Yeorim”), Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Can we all just agree that Yeorim and Geol Oh had the best bromance of all time? If Yeorim were a real person, I would teach myself physics, build a time machine, and go kidnap him as my friend. I don’t even mind that he likes to invade people’s personal space.

Nope, I don’t mind one bit…

7.Chu Ga Eul, Boys over Flowers

They work together, they cry together, they play together—Ga Eul is the epitome of a tried and true best friend. I can’t promise her that I can get her invited on fantasy vacations or introduce her to handsome millionaires, but I would love to hang out with her anyway!

8.Eun Shi Kyung, King 2 Hearts

(Kim Hang Ah only has a crush on him for about 5 seconds, so that doesn’t count as a love interest, okay?)

A lot of my favorite sidekicks are funny and enthusiastic, which is great for those times when you’re feeling down. Every once in a while, though, you need a more reserved friend who will reign you in when you want to make bad choices. Eun Shi Kyung might sometimes seem like a stick in the mud, but he’s also smart, sensitive, and loyal. Oh, and he could also save your life in an international crisis.

9.Terry, Coffee Prince

Aren’t dogs supposed to be man’s best friend? Well, even though he doesn’t talk much, I want Terry to be my best friend. We would snuggle and go for walks and sing together. He gets extra points if he introduces me to Lee Sun Gyun.

10.Kim Ba Wool, Flower Boy Ramen Shop

Who doesn’t need a little Crazy Rooster in their lives? I love how he is a tough little delinquent on the outside, but a total softie on the inside. It’s also refreshing to see a genuine male-female friendship without any romantic feelings on either side.

Which Kdrama sidekicks do you wish you would be your best friend? Comment below!