Historical dramas are known for their sweeping sets, epic storylines, and gorgeous costumes. They're also known for releasing some of the most gorgeous K-drama manes out there. While many sageuk wigs are best used as birds' nests and many male characters consistently cover their long locks with hats or headpieces due to rank, there are a select few K-drama actors who really embraced the art of historical hair. Here are 10 of our absolute favorites:

1. Lee Joon Ki in Joseon Gunman

Any time you title a list "Korean actors who looked absurdly gorgeous in..." you know Joon Ki's going to top the list. What I love about his loose hair in Joseon Gunman is that it nicely captures the transitional feel of the drama's time period. Really, though, if we were allowing movies on this list, King and the Clown would be the obvious choice:

We all just need to accept that no one of any gender will ever be as beautiful as Lee Joon Ki.

2. No Min Woo in The Sword and the Flower

Considering how terrible No Min Woo's styling is in almost every modern-day drama and how amazing he looks here, I kind of feel like he should only do historicals from now on.

3. Kim Bum Jung Yi, Goddess of Fire 

Why yes, I will accept those flowers, you magnificent creature, you.

4. Jang Hyuk in Chuno

Clearly the gold standard in badassery, and yet I find myself envying those beachy waves....

5. Yoo Ah In in Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Call me crazy, but I actually find Yoo Ah In most attractive with flowing historical hair rather than the shorter cuts in his modern dramas. I mean, just look at this still for Six Flying Dragons:

Just stop already.

6. Kim Nam Gil in Queen Seon Duk 

Kim Nam Gil's Bidam goes through several different hairstyles over the course of the series, but even when his hair is pulled into a bun, he always has a few glorious wisps hanging out to remind us who's boss — the boss of hair, that is.

7. Jung Yong Hwa in Three Musketeers

Am I being swayed by the color coordinated headband or the fact that he and his horse basically have the same haircut? I don't know, but I do know that I love it. Fortunately, this series will be coming to DramaFever soon, so we can enjoy his hair in all its splendor!

8. Yoo Seung Ho in Warrior Baek Dong Soo

Yoo Seung Ho may be young, but he already has quite a few sweet historical 'dos under his belt. It was a hard choice between this and his sleek style in Arang and the Magistrate, but this one looks a little more natural.

And, before you ask, as much as I love everything else about Yoo Seung Ho's Warrior Baek Dong Soo castmate Ji Chang Wook, I can't let him onto this list because I have a strict policy against rewarding perms. I also didn't love his Empress Ki wig unless it was covered by a headdress. Sorry, not sorry!

9. Song Jae Rim in The Moon that Embraces the Sun

Please pause and fully appreciate this masterpiece.

...Did you pause and gaze at it? Then we can continue.

10. Sung Hoon in Faith 

I may get into trouble for saying this, but if I can only pick one hairstyle from Faith, it's not going to be Lee Min Ho. Sung Hoon looks like a majestic unicorn, and there's simply no competing with that.

Speaking of Sung Hoon, he landed the lead in the upcoming web series Noble, My Love! I am just the teeeeensiest bit disappointed that he won't be rocking his wig from Faith, but if you want to see what his hair looks like in real life, you can sign up for new episode alerts HERE and check out the trailer below:

Which actor rocked your favorite historical hair? We couldn't include everyone, so who else would you add to the list? Share your thoughts in the comments!