[See Part 1 here] Some people shouldn't wear shirts. Ever. Period. Here are some more of them: 6. Joo Jin Mo shouldn't ever wear a shirt. Jin-mo Ju

He should always have it unbuttoned if he simply MUST wear one.

Jin-mo Ju 2

Better yet, yeah, just lose the shirt.

Jin-mo Ju 3

7. So Ji Sub shouldn't ever wear a shirt.

Ji-Seob So 3

He should always smoke cigarettes shirtless. If he's going to smoke. Which he shouldn't. But he can still be shirtless.

Ji-seob So 2

He should always be unbuttoning his pants.

Ji-seob So

8. Cha Seung Won shouldn't ever wear a shirt.


If there's GOT to be clothing, keep it to the sides!

Cha Seung Won

He should show up at parties wearing only this. RSVP, anyone?

Cha Seung Won 2

9. Taecyeon shouldn't ever wear a shirt.


He should always have wind or wind machines to blow his shirts off.


Somebody get this man a refill!


Somebody quench this man's thirst.  MY GOD!


10. Changmin shouldn't ever wear a shirt.


He should always be in pink Armani briefs.


He should always have this much grease on his chest at all times. It's a must.


*Insert a coffee creamer joke*  You have to.


And there you have it!


[See Part 1 here]