What we see of celebrities on screen rarely gives us an idea of who they really are.  Of course, that's their job! However, when we do get a glimpse into the personal lives of the stars we all admire, what we uncover just might surprise us.  Check out these 10 celebrities whose pasts might change the way you view them!

1. Seo Ye Ji 

You might be surprised to learn that Seo Ye Ji, who you might remember from Moorim School, is a licensed sex-education instructor! According to her, her dream of having many children lead her to get licensed so that she might one day teach them about sex.

2. Sojin (Girl's Day)

This K-pop star not only owns the stage, but also knows her way around a machine shop! Inspired by her father, who ran a car parts manufacturing factory, Sojin majored in mechanical engineering at Yeungnam University!

3. Park Si Hoo

Before making it as an actor, Park Si Hoo worked as an underwear model for BYC! Park has gone on record asserting that he is not embarrassed of this past, and why should he be? I am sure his fans would all agree!

4. Park Sang Chul

This Korean singer once spent his days begging and living on the streets! Now he spends them preforming on stage.

5. Noh Hong Chul

Contrary to his image on the small screen, Noh Hong Chul boasts an excellent mastery of English, even having aced the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC)!

6. Lee Honey

This Come Back, Mister star not only captured Korea's heart as Miss Korea 2006, but also welcomes passengers at Korea Train Express (KTX) stations every day! As a musician who majored in the gayageum (12 stringed Korean zither) during her time at Seoul National University, Lee Honey revealed that she performed the music that can be heard at KTX stations.

7. Lee Seung Kwang (Goofy)

Fans of Lee Seung Kwang will not be disappointed, or perhaps surprised, to learn that he was a bodybuilder who won a bodybuilding contest in the past!  Where can we find more pictures?

8. Jeong Hyung Don

Comedian Jeong Hyung Don of Infinity Challenge fame worked at Samsung Electronics before debuting!

9. Alex

Before Alex graced us with his voice, some very lucky restaurant goers were blessed to eat his food! Alex worked at a Japanese restaurant making sushi for four years before making it big. 

10. Jo Sang Goo

Not only is Joe Sang Koo a great actor, he also works as a professional literary translator!

Which celebrity's past was the most surprising? Comment below!


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