One of your best male friends might turn out to be the one later in life! At least it did for these gorgeous actresses. Scroll down to reveal which Korean celebrity couples started dating or married after being friends for a long time!

1. Jeon Ji Hyun and Choi Joon Hyuk

Jeon Ji Hyun and her husband Choi Joon Hyuk have known each other since elementary school. They reconnected as adults and, after two years of dating, married in 2012. Choi Joon Hyuk works at Bank of America. His grandmother is a renowned hanbok designer, and his father is a wealthy banker and the largest shareholder of Alpha Asset Management.

2. Ko So Young and Jang Dong Gun

Top star couple,Jang Dong Gun (A Gentleman's Dignity,All About Eve) and Go So Young, have been friends over a decade before marrying. They became friends after filming together in 1999. In 2010, they announced marriage, saying they fell in love after being friends for a long time!

3. f(x)’s Krystal and EXO’s Kai

When Krystal and Kai were rumored to date in April, SM Entertainment said they “started developing feelings after being friends.” They’ve been friends since the SM trainee days. Earlier this year, they started going on dates and soon became a couple.

8. Im Ji Eun and Go Myung Hwan

Actress Im Ji Eun and comedian Go Myung Hwan first met when she starred in his comedy show in 1999. “She was so pretty. I asked how old she was, and it turned out we were of the same age. I asked her to be my friend for now,” he reminisced their first encounter.

Go Myung Hwan stared the “Let’s Seduce Im Ji Eun” project with a cute plan to seduce her with her favorite food, ddukbokki. He took her to numerous ddukbokki restaurants in the country and, thanks to the project, they got married and are living happily ever after!

5. Joo Ji Hoon and Gain

Joo Ji Hoon and Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain have been friends for 8 years before they started dating in 2014, the couple revealed. No wonder they looked so sexy in Gain’s music video!

6. Lee Da Hae and Se7en

My Girl’sLee Da Haeand Se7en (Choi Dong Wook) are the newest Korean celebrity couple who made their relationship official. They’ve been friends for a long time as members of a 1984ers’ social group. When Se7en were going through tough times, Lee Da Hae was there for his emotional support. The two were recently spotted together on a romantic getaway in Bangkok, Thailand.

7. Haha and Byul

Running Man’s Haha and singer Byul were friends for 8 years before Haha pursued her seriously. In 2012, they started dating with marriage in mind, and they walked down the aisle together after 9 months!

8. Lee Jung Jae and Im Sae Ryung

Lee Jung Jae and Im Sae Ryung, a real-life heiress, were friends before things turned romantic! The two traveled to Manila in 2010 but confirmed dating only after paparazzi photos went viral in 2015.

9. So Yi Hyun and In Kyo Jin

So Yi Hyun and In Kyo Jin met through the same agency and were friends for 12 years before tying the knot in 2013. On marrying after only seven months of dating, the couple explained via agency, “We have built trust for a long time, which made a serious (romantic) relationship possible.”

“Both started the act when they were younger, so their parents knew one another. The two families kept a close relationship. In Kyo Jin’s father used to joke, ‘I hope you two get married,’” the agency added. While being best friends, they starred as a couple in dramas: as lovers in a 2008 drama and as a married couple in the 2012 drama Happy Ending.

10. Jo Jung Suk and Gummy

When Jealousy Incarnate’s Jo Jung Suk and ballad singer Gummy made their relationship official in 2015, Jo Jung Suk’s agency said, “We didn’t probe him (about the relationship), but it seemed like they have known each other for a long time,” adding that feelings started to develop naturally after being longtime friends!

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