Liar’s Game, Playful Kiss and Oldboy are all examples of great Korean films and dramas being inspired by equally terrific Japanese manga and anime. However, what if we were to turn the tables and get great anime out of Korean films instead? So, to hopefully give some very awesome producers some very awesome ideas, here are 10 Korean films that really, really need to become anime right now.

1) The Chaser

The story of a former cop who now highlights as a pimp and is tasked with very quickly tracking down a serial killer targeting his entourage of female escorts? Tense, disturbing, and expertly choreographed, The Chaser has all the qualities of a great action anime.

2) The Man From Nowhere

Simply one of the best thrillers, from any place, any era. Our protagonist is a “man from nowhere,” a loner that never talks to anyone except a little girl in his building. When the girl’s mother is killed and she’s kidnapped, he sets out to find her. As the criminals laugh, thinking he can’t even touch them, he simply tells them, “people like you are always thinking of the future, you never realize how badly someone can f*ck up your present.” Now you know that’s anime fighting words.

3) Harmony

It doesn’t all have to be horrible killer psychopaths. This story is about a group of women who are spending life in pison, some on death row (I said they weren’t pyschopaths; didn’t say they weren’t killers). When our protagonist gives birth, under Korean law, she is allowed to keep the child with her until a certain age. To add a little joy to her son and fellow prisoner’s wolds, she also starts a prison choir. But as her child is taken from her, can she maintain that harmony? A great musical anime where each episode explores a different woman’s past? What’s not to love?

4) Late Autumn

A woman out of prison for a family gathering. A male gigolo on the run from gangsters for being with the wrong woman. They meet on the bus and, slowly but surely, something happens. She’s on parole and terrified of facing her family; he’s on the run and terrified of being caught. Need I say their adventures would be an awesome anime?

5) The Fatal Encounter

At the age of 10, he saw his grandfather order the execution of his father. At 24, he became the king of the Joseon Dynasty. At 25, he’d already survived seven attempts on his life in just his first year as king. At 47, he died mysteriously under circumstances that still aren’t clear over 200 years later. Each episode of the series could be a different assassination attempt, and a king who has achieved legendary status as “unkillable” could prove to be a legendary anime lead.

6) The Divine Move

Go is a classic anime game. Revenge is a classic anime trope. So a story about a genius go player who was framed for the death of his brother and comes back years later from prison to take some dark, ridiculously violent revenge must become a classic anime. The old blind master, the comedic relief crook, the beautiful girl who works for the evil boss but starts to fall for the hero, and the guy who was once a nerd but totally becomes a buffed up maniac out for blood--already nominating this for anime of the year.

7) Always

The boxer with the mysterious past and all the charisma of week-old cat puke. The spirited telemarketer who is slowly going blind but maintains her loveable self. When their lives intersect, sparks fly and he finds his humanity as she loses her sight. You can already start hiding your tears at the ending theme song.

8) Arahan

Okay, this is just an easy one. A comedy anime about a rookie cop who meets a gorgeous martial artist, gets superpowers from some ancient masters, and has to save the world from an evil dude trying to capture a mystical object that will make him ruler of the universe? How was this a movie before it was anime?

9) The Admiral: Roaring Currents

The sixth year of the Japanese invasion. The ridiculously, melodramatically evil Japanese general. The truce between China and Japan that pretty much makes invading the much smaller Korea a cakewalk. The fact that it is a naval battle, and the general has 12 Korean ships versus the Japanese army’s 330. And he somehow won. Naval battles never quite get the star treatment in anime, so if you had to pick one, why not pick one of the most epic ones of all time? Ninjas, courtoom posturing, the loveable people he is trying to protect--there’s a whole host of characters outside of the battle. And, then, of course, there’s the battle.

10) Little Black Dress

And ending it with the sweetest. Four friends already out of college, four friends in different stages of life, four friends whose friendship will be tested by all the decisions they now make for the first time, truly as adults. Isn’t this already the plot of K-On! like ten years later?

So would you watch these anime? And what other Korean movies do you want Director-senpai to make into anime? Be sure to sound off in the comments below! And for all your anime needs, be sure to follow Dramafever on Twitter!