There's something about a beautiful falsetto that hits you right in the feels. Powerful, full voices are gorgeous, but every once in a while, a well-placed and well-executed falsetto makes my heart race and turns my knees into gelatin. If you're a fan of the falsetto like I am, here are 10 male Korean artists (from a variety of styles including traditional ballads, indie, and K-pop) who have truly swoon-worthy falsettos.

10. G.O, MBLAQ

Example: This Immortal Song 2 performance, 3:02

G.O uses his falsetto in interesting ways. This one was a clear WOW moment, but sometimes he just floats in and out of it to create softer moments. 

9. Baekhyun, EXO

Example:  "I Really Didn't Know" 2:38

Really, Baekhyun and Chen both have nice falsettos, and it's tough to choose between the two. Baekhyun won out this time for holding that note, but next time I might pick Chen instead. Who knows?

8. Jung Yeop, Brown Eyed Soul

Example: The Romantic OST, 0:50

Jung Yeop's voice is just so, so smooth. This particular example is more upbeat, but when you hear him on slower tracks (like the 49 Days OST), his voice is like bottled tears.

7. Ahn Seung Joon, Vodka Rain

Example: "첫 사랑의 결혼을 듣는 나이" 1:06

I didn't know Vodka Rain existed until I heard "Dreamlike" on the Ex-Girlfriend's Club OST. Then you'd better believe I immediately Shazamed the crap out of that song. Ahn Seung Joon nails what I lovingly refer to as the "indie angst falsetto."

6. Kyuhyun, Super Junior 

Example: "A Million Pieces" 2:30

Kyuhyun is known for his strong vocals with Super Junior, and you can hear his high notes even better in this recent solo release. Let's just ignore the ending of that MV and focus on the vocals, shall we?

5. Yoseob, BEAST

Example: "Dream Girl" 2:55

Juuuuuust when you think Yoseob's voice can't possibly go any higher, it always does.

4. Roy Kim

Example:  "When Autumn Comes" 1:25

Listening to Roy Kim makes me feel like I'm wrapped in a Snuggie, playing with kittens and drinking hot chocolate.

3. Yoon Min Soo (Vibe, formerly 4men) and Shin Yong Jae (4men)

Example: "Fate" 0:39

WHAT did I just listen to? It's like rainbows dancing in my ears. Those voices. That harmony — there's definitely something to be said for experience.  Unlike Baekhyun and Chen, it was impossible to choose between these two. I tried. I failed. Then I listened to this song again.  You can see a version of them performing this song together HERE.

2. Taeil, Block B

Example: "Be the Light" 3:08

I may get into trouble for saying this, but I wonder if some of the fangirl crowd overlooks the beauty of Taeil's voice because he doesn't have that K-pop "hottie" look. I love how his vocals just float above everything else in Block B's songs, and it always takes me a little by surprise. I could listen to him on repeat all day, every day.

1. Kim Jong Wan, Nell

Example: "White Night" 2:37

I generally try to keep my musical fangirling in check, but I am so enamored with Kim Jong Wan (and Nell in general) that I might come to blows with anyone who disagrees. That man's voice does very serious things to my heart. 

Do you love a good falsetto? Whose falsetto melts your heart? Of course, one list is never going to be able to include everyone, especially when you consider all of the K-pop groups out there. Who else would you add to your personal list? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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