NBC is gearing up for their live musical extravaganza Peter Pan, which will air on December 4. The cast for the musical features Christopher Walken as Captain Hook and Allison Williams of HBO's Girls as the titular Peter. The casting of an adult woman is traditional for productions of Peter Pan, and Allison Williams's voice sounds great on the trailers, but we can't help but wonder what it would be like to see more youthful actors in the role of the boy who never ages. If we imagined the stage production as a K-drama, here are 10 Korean actors who we feel could pull off the role of Peter well.

First, in keeping with tradition, some female singers and actresses to fill the role:

1. Eunji

She has great, bubbly energy that would work well in the role. We've also already seen her with short hair in Answer Me 1997.

2. Park Shin Hye

She already cross dressed as a boy for You're Beautiful, so this would be a walk in the park for her!

3. IU

IU usually plays up her cutesy feminine side, so this would be a nice change of pace for the actress.

4. Amber

Wouldn't the f(x) member bring the best spunk to the character? I've always said that she should cross over into the drama world more.

5. Kim Yoo Jung

She's so young, but she's so multi-talented.

Or, if you wanted to use an actual male as Peter, you could drop the key for the songs a bit and try these pixie-like fellows:

6. Siwan

Siwan has been raking in the praise for his acting abilities lately. I bet he could knock it out of the park.

7. L

His face is so mischievous, and he was pretty impish in Sly and Single Again.

8. Lee Hong Ki

If you want someone who will really ham up the role, look no further.

9. Kang Min Hyuk

Mostly, I would love to see him in any new series post-Heirs. I love his face.

10. Chanyeol

Ok, so Chanyeol isn't really an actor, but I adored him on Roommate and would love to see him in a live stage production. Then his Roommate father figure Shin Sung Woo could cheer him on and give him tips on stage acting, and it would be the best thing in the history of all the things.

What do you think? If you were casting a K-drama Peter Pan, who could you see in the leading role?