Well, Heirs has come to an end, leaving a vacant hole in many viewers' hearts. One of the elements of Heirs that really won over its fans was the consistently snappy and memorable dialogue. In order to give Heirs a proper goodbye, let's look back at some of the most memorable one-liners in the show!

1. "It's okay, baby!" (Kim Tan)

Remember back when we were all watching Heirs trailers like crazy, and this was the one line we all quoted? It seems so long ago now, but this line was so catchy when we first heard it!

2. "Do I like you?" (Kim Tan)

It's not quite a love confession, but I'm pretty sure we all gasped at this line when it came as early as episode 2!

3. "It was like a midsummer night's dream" (Eun Sang)

Eun Sang and Kim Tan come back to this line over and over throughout the series. Of COURSE their romance couldn't just stay a dream!

4. "Lucifer appears in a school of Satans" (Hyo Shin)

This line told us all what we needed to know about Jeguk High and Kim Tan's former role there. What it didn't tell us was who this handsome, insightful man was observing the fray from the rooftop was.

5. "If I'm your knight, then is Kim Tan your Prince Charming?" (Young Do)

This was a nice throwback to the earlier episodes where Young Do complained that Eun Sang had too many knights protecting her. It's a sign of his growth that he eventually became one of those knights against his will!

6. "Sorry I took too long" (Eun Sang)

This was the moment when Eun Sang finally stopped running away (at least temporarily), and they both decided to go all-in with their relationship. Sure, she took like 10 episodes longer than Tan, but it was worth it for him in the end!

7. "And I'm his kid sister!" (Myung Soo)

Awww you gotta love this kid for being such a joker. He totally turns the tables on those pesky journalists with his "daughter of Jeguk group" impression.

8. "You can have her" (Kim Tan)

The lowest of low points for Kim Tan. Now, I definitely don't advocate giving women away like trophies, but the offer to concede to his rival was the ultimate illustration of despair for Kim Tan--for five minutes until he changed his mind, of course!

9. "I'm really going to feel like we're friends if I hear that." (Bo Na)

This is Bo Na at her Bo Na-iest! She tries so hard to pretend that she and Eun Sang aren't friends, and yet she always comes through for her in the end! Isn't that why we love her?

10. "I'm being considerate, asshole." (Young Do)

This line from the final episode pretty much sums up the Kim Tan/Young Do relationship. It's the perfect combination of kindness and endearing grumpiness.

There are so many other memorable scenes in this show that it's impossible to cover them all at once. What were some of your favorite lines?

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