At a certain point in every K-drama and K-pop fan's life, they develop the overwhelming desire to make the pilgrimage to Korea to see all the beautiful places and experience the culture they've come to love. Luckily for us, DramaFever has the Power of Three contest, where we can win tickets to Korea! I've been daydreaming about where I would go and what I would see if I won, and here are my top ten picks. What are yours?

1. Jeju Island

This Korean island is a prime vacation getaway because of its natural beauty and because of all the amazing dramas that were filmed here. I fell in love with it and vowed to visit it the first time I ever watched Lie To Me.

 2. A Korean Spa

After seeing so many Korean drama scenes set at the Korean spa, like this one in Queen of Reversals, I want the whole experience — princess Leia head towel, hard boiled eggs, sleeping mat on the floor, and all! 

3. Shopping in Gangnam 

As the most wealthy and stylish district in Seoul, Gangnam has some of the best shopping in the world. I'd love to go and get some of the Korean fashion and beauty products I see my favorite stars wearing! Plus, maybe I'll happen to run into a wealthy chaebol who wants to give me a makeover, right?

4. A K-pop Concert

It's always so devastating when I hear one of my favorite K-pop groups is on tour but they are nowhere near me! If I had tickets to Seoul, I would make sure to go when I could see a K-pop concert live! 

5. Korean Karaoke

No one knows how to karaoke like Koreans at the noraebang! I'd love to gather up a group of friends and sing my heart out at a real one in Korea like in Dream High!

6. Korean Street Food Tents

And Korean BBQ

Let's be honest, I want to eat ALL the food in Korea, but priority would have to be eating at a food tent and having a confrontation with a second female lead I hate, or drowning my woes in some soju when the obstacles facing me and my true love seem impossible.

7. K-drama Sets

There are so many I want to visit, but because Coffee Prince is still my favorite drama of all time, the real coffee shop where it was filmed would be the first thing I saw!

8. Namsan Tower

This is just one of those romantic locations I couldn't leave without seeing, and hopefully putting a lock on with my lover, especially after seeing it in Oh My Ghostess!

9. Han River

So many epic K-drama scenes have gone down on the Han River, and I must experience it! (Hopefully it would be a romantic scene and not a murderous one.)

 10. Cherry Blossom  Park

Walking through the park during cherry blossom season would be beautiful and romantic beyond words. Especially if I experienced my first kiss with a crush (real of fake) like they do in so many K-dramas, such as Sensory Couple

Well, I've just convinced myself- MUST GET TO KOREA NOW! Where would you go if you won a ticket?

Make sure to enter to win two tickets to Korea with the DramaFever Power of Three contest HERE before October 17, 2015! Simply watch three movies and answer three trivia questions to enter. (Must be DramaFever Premium member to enter. US only)