Pinocchio is not only acclaimed for its exciting plot and charming romantic chemistry, but its music is also fantastic! Here is a list of the 10 most emotionally engaging songs from this drama's OST (original soundtrack). While you wait for the final episodes, be sure to listen to these songs to help you relive your favorite moments!

10. "Non-Fiction" (Every Single Day)

To start off this list, we have the opening theme song for Pinocchio. It's a great song that sets an optimistic and exciting tone for the show!

9. "Love is Like Snow" (Park Shin Hye)

Park Shin Hye's contribution to the Pinocchio OST is sweet and full of emotion. It's a perfect match for Choi In Ha and Choi Dal Po's adorable relationship.

8. "Challenge" (Every Single Day)

Here's another great song by the band Every Single Day. (Every Single Day has three songs featured on this OST). This song definitely gives me flashbacks to the more cheerful moments of the show!

7. "Kiss Me" (Zion.T)

I love the soothing sound of "Kiss Me." It's another great OST background song.  

6. "My Story" (Every Single Day)

This sweet song does a fantastic job drawing out the genuine affection between In Ha and Dal Po. I feel warm and fuzzy inside when I listen to this one!

5. "Geudae Hanaro" (Kim Bo Kyung)

Kim Bo Kyung's vocals are fantastic! While it's not my favorite ballad of the bunch, it's certainly worth listening to over and over again!

4. "First Love" (Tiger JK Featuring Punch)

This song has such a unique and utterly compelling style. I can't stop listening to it!

3. "Pinocchio" (Roy Kim)

Roy Kim's enticing voice always makes me swoon! This was a great song that really helped set up the beginning of In Ha and Dal Po's feelings for each other.

2. "Passionate to Me" (Younha)

Younha's voice is always incredible. This song hits an OST home run by combining such perfect vocals with the deep emotions from the show. Its music video is also a fantastic pairing!

1. "The Only Person" (K.Will)

K.Will is one of my favorite OST singers, and this song certainly doesn't disappoint! I even get a little teary whenever this song comes on in the show — a telltale mark of a truly excellent OST song!

What's your favorite OST song from Pinocchio? Do you agree with this ranking? Please share your thoughts below!

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