The military look is a timeless fashion trend. No matter how many military-inspired pieces there are in the world, it always makes a strong statement both on the runway and on the streets. It is no wonder that with K-pop, the army look is also a very popular stage outfit. K-pop stylists make their idols stand out by adding extra accessories like studs to a strong, traditional military-inspired uniform, or dress them in suits or tops with fresh takes on the camouflage pattern. Here’s a salute to the 10 men below who pulled off the look during their civilian job as a K-pop idol and on active duty!

1. Siwon (Super Junior) 

Choi Siwon is the Super Junior member who often bares it all, like this revealing army look for the B version of the group's 2011 single “Mr. Simple.” Understandably and appropriately, he looks much more conservative during active duty. The photo on the right was taken in December 2015, when Choi received a medal and certificate for being an outstanding soldier.

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2. Eric Moon (Shinhwa) 

Eric Moon looked slick in his camouflage patterned suit from the music video for Shinhwa’s 2013 hit “This Love.” He is pictured on the right in 2008 rocking the real deal in training camp.

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3. Heechul (Super Junior) 

Heechul’s before-and-after military look: wearing a fashionable camouflage top for the B version of Super Junior’s single “Mr. Simple,” and to the right, at Korea’s Army Training Center. Both photos were taken in 2011.

Photo credit: (1), (2)

4. Jaejoong (JYJ) 

Both of these photos were taken almost a decade apart, yet Jaejoong looks like he hasn’t aged a bit. What has changed is that the cute, mischievous boy in the picture on the left (taken in 2007 at the Hallyu Expo in Asia at Jeju during his tenure with TVXQ) has now turned into a handsome, mature soldier in 2015.

Photo credit: (1), Kim Junho via

5. Rain

A sexy and charismatic Rain on stage while promoting “I’m Coming” in 2006, and the star looking firm and formal during a military assembly in 2011.

6. Yunho (TVXQ) 

For TVXQ’s October 2012 stage performance of “Catch Me” at KBS’s Music BankYunho and Changmin wore camouflaged pattern outfits as seen in the song's music video. The stage version of the outfits were spruced up with extra gold studs. As seen on the left, Yunho’s outfit is camouflaged on only the front side. On the right, Yunho is seen receiving a ‘Best Recruit Award’ in August 2015.

Photo credit: Music Bank / (1)

7. Yoochun (JYJ) 

A distracted Yoochun at the 2007 Hallyu Expo in Asia at Jeju and a sassy Yoochun on the right in one of the first pictures of him that were released after he entered the military in 2015.

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8. Kangta

Kangta wore a stylish camouflage patterned suit with the non-traditional color of red for his March 2015 performance as part of S with Lee Ji Hoon on the KBS music program Immortal Song. On the right is a photo of the former member of H.O.T on the day he was discharged in February 2010, wearing the traditional-colored camouflage uniform.

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9. Changmin (TVXQ) 

Changmin was only 19 in the left screenshot when he attended the 2007 Hallyu Expo in Asia event in Jeju. Fast forward to November 2015, when a photo of the 1988-liner was released shortly after he enlisted, looking ready to serve his country!

Photo credit: (1), (2)

10. Donghae (Super Junior) 

Donghae looks cool in army wear as a pop idol and soldier. Here he is in an army vest for the B version of Super Junior’s 2011 single “Mr. Simple”. To the right, a picture of him at the Korea Army Training Center released in November 2015.

Photo Credit: (1), Korea Army Training Center via

Which was your favorite on stage look? Who do you think pulls off camo the best? Share with us in the comments below!

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