We all have those little guilty pleasures that sneakily suck money out of our wallets and add up fast, causing us to think we can't afford the real pleasures we want in life, like DramaFever Premium. If you've been wishing you could have all the benefits of a DramaFever Premium membership, but have been worried about the cost, let me show you 10 simple hidden money wasters you can cut out so that you afford new DramaFever Premium tiers, now as little as $0.99/month!

With the new DramaFever Premium tiers, you can pick the plan that best suits your drama-watching needs — and your wallet. Let's take a look at the three plans:

The rookie tier decreases the number of ads you see and gives you access to premium-only movies and early access to our upcoming exclusive dramas for as little as $0.99/month! Here are ten frivolous things more expensive than a DramaFever Premium membership:

 1. A cappuccino

With the average cappuccino costing $3-5, if you simply give up one, you can afford 3-5 months worth of Rookie DramaFever Premium or a month of Idol Premium! And really, would you rather drink a coffee that only gives you 10 minutes of pleasure, or watch Gong Yoo making delicious coffee for 16 hours in Coffee Prince

2. A manicure

Just like many girls, I would love to get a pretty manicure every week, but at $15-20 a pop, I could get nearly two years' worth of Rookie DramaFever Premium, 4 months of Idol Premium, or 2 months of Superstar Premium instead! I think I can forego one manicure a year so that I can marathon Nail Shop Paris with fewer commercial interruptions. 

3. A coke

At around a dollar a piece, giving up just one bottle of coke a month will give you unlimited access to sweet moments like the coke kiss from Lie To Me

4. A bowl of ramen

I know, I know, it's hard to give up the ramen, especially while watching your favorite K-dramas, but with a bowl costing anywhere from $0.25 for the packaged kind or $10 for the fancy restaurant kind, that's a whole lot of Korean dramas you can have by foregoing that second helping. And if you really miss it, then just live vicariously through the characters in Flower Boy Ramen Shop.

5. A K-pop song

Nowadays, a DramaFever Premium membership is less than buying one song from most albums. Skip owning one song and get a whole month of Premium access instead! Plus, you can listen to our K-pop and K-drama inspired playlists on Spotify for free, or hear incredible music while watching shows like Dream High!  

6. A candy bar 

Unlike a chocolate bar that can run about a dollar and only gives you pleasure for about 5 minutes on your lips (and who knows how long on your hips), you can get unlimited chocolate abs, which are calorie-free, for just $0.99 with DramaFever Premium!

7. A tube of lipstick

I have to admit that I got a little sucked into the lipstick hype surrounding My Love From Another Star, but let's be honest. How many times have I actually worn that $20 tube of lipstick? Like twice. Instead I could have watched nearly two year's worth of DramaFever Premium with that money!

8. A book

Instead of buying that book for $10-20, this time check it out from the library and use that money for a whole year's worth of watching shows like Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

9. Gas for your car

It's springtime, and the weather is beautiful, so that means there is no excuse not to walk and bike more! Gas is so expensive that if you just walk or bike one place a month instead of driving, you have way more than covered the cost of your DramaFever Premium membership. Plus, maybe while you are out and about you will run into that rich chaebol like in Scent of a Woman

10. A custom-made sparkly track jacket

I know you've been eyeing one ever since you saw Hyun Bin's infamous custom-made sparkly track jacket in Secret Garden, but honestly, how practical is it to own one in real life? Imagine how itchy the sequins would be chaffing against your sweaty body! Instead you could have a LIFETIME SUPPLY of DramaFever Premium!

So, if you've been trying to decide whether you can afford to get unlimited access to exclusive K-dramas with reduced or no commercials with DramaFever Premium, I have just laid out what little you actually have to sacrifice! To sign up for DramaFever Premium with these tiers, just follow this special link