You squealed with excitement for our list of actors who knew how to kiss.  You searched for your favorites and quickly let us know if they were in there or not.  I heard you and went collecting favorite moments. So here is Part 2 of actors who know how to kiss — the Readers' Choice version. 

First on our list was the most requested actor and the most requested kiss.  

1.  Yoon Si Yoon

This kiss from Me Too, Flower seemed to really knock you for a loop, and really, those lips should come with a warning. 

2.  Lee Min Ho 

I know you all love the "Game Over" kiss.  And you were quite put out with me for not including it in Part 1.  The reason is that this lovemaking scene kiss from the drama Personal Taste is MY favorite Lee Min Ho kiss.  This one just moves me more.  He's making his final surrender to her and his feelings.  Willing to accept her forgiveness and love her wholeheartedly.  *sigh*  I know the gentle loving in this scene has ended up in more than just my dreams, right?

3. Hyun Bin

We have quite a few great kisses by the amazing Hyun Bin.  This Christmas Kiss in Secret Garden is one of his best. It helps that his co-star, Ha Ji Won, is great at kissing back.  Interestingly enough, Hyun Bin may also hold the record for the longest onscreen kiss for one of his movie roles.  I know I wouldn't mind being locked in his arms for several minutes, hours, days... but who's counting?

4.  Seo In Guk

This kiss in Answer Me 1997 shows what happens when you dare a man to accept a measly peck on the lips.  He is going to show you what type of kiss he really wants from you. All I could think when he threw the jacket down was "Challenge Accepted." It's sexy as hell how far he bends her over the counter.  My insides turned to jelly. How about you?

5.  Lee Seung Gi

I loved him as the loyal and loving gumiho in Gu Family Book. And his forest kiss with Suzy was magnetic and sexy. The magical fireflies didn't hurt the atmosphere either. I love that their hands are moving as they are fully involved in this kiss.  No statues here. 

6.  Jang Hyuk

What i love best about this kiss from Fated to Love You is how much he is trying to not give in to her kiss.  Neither of them can deny how much they need the other, and his surrender to her is sweet and sexy.  That tear that never leaves his eye lash the whole scene adds a vulnerability to his strength that makes the scene even more compelling and wonderful.  He doesn't want to burden her with his fear, but she proves that they can be brave together. 

7.  Kim Jaejoong

Jaejoong is one of the prettiest and sexiest men in K-Drama Land.  I love watching him because there is an sweet intensity to his work that draws me in. In this kiss in Triangle, he's just hurt the girl, and he is now trying to say he's sorry in the only way he's got left to him. 

8. Park Yoochun

This kiss from I Miss You gets you so close to his lips that you feel like all you need to do is pucker up a little and you could join right in.  Forget the amazing Yoon Eun Hye as she kisses back; just move on over so I can cut in.

9. Song Seung Hun

He's strong, handsome, and virile. Is there any other reason to love him? Oh, sure, he's got amazing talent and makes us fall in love with him when he's being cute and playful, but...  like...  *sigh*  What was I saying again?

10. Song Joong Ki

You cried for Joong Ki to be in this list.  And while he is an amazing kisser, it always seemed unfair that the kisses in Nice Guy were not really genuine. One or the other was always faking it. They are still amazing kisses and he certainly knows how to move his lips. I can only hope his next drama Descendants of the Sun allows him to enjoy his kisses without ulterior motives. 

If you missed Part 1 and you think your favorite is missing, take THIS LINK to check out our other favorites.  Also, check with us soon as we bring you 10 Actresses who know how to enjoy a kiss, where we salute the girls who don't just stand there frozen in shock. Who would you include in that list?  

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