You didn't think I read everything, huh? Over 100 comments and I read them all! (^_^) It seems you all loved the original list but were craving more Ajusshi's worthy of still being called "Oppa." Now for those who requested So Ji Sub, and Lee Jun Ki to be on the list, they can't. Neither of the two are over 35 yet. So Ji Sub oppa turns 36 later this year, and Lee Jun Ki oppa is only 31. Happy Scrolling!

10. Uhm Tae Woong

38 years old and still looks amazing in leather! Did you see his cameo in Level Seven Civil Servant!

Uhm Tae Woong

Uhm Tae Woong2

9. Ji Jin Hee

41 years old and wears that suit so well. Those eyebrows are just, yes.

Ji Jin Hee

Proof slouching makes you look good too.

Ji Jin Hee2

8. Jung Woo Sung

40 years old and inviting you to fix his bow tie. Fun times.

Jung Woo Sung2

He's waiting for you, unless he stopped to think if he has his keys or not. *shrug*

Jung Woo Sung

7. Oh Ji Ho

37 years old and with the deepest dimples! Mahh Gawwd they're so cute right?! Random moment of Info: You can get dimples surgically placed into your cheeks for like two grand. Tempting.

Oh Ji Ho2

I love that color suit on him!

Oh Ji Ho

6. Ji Sung

36 years old and can still look good doing aegyo.

Ji Sung

I just like his whole neck, chest, jaw area in this photo.

Ji Sung2

5. Jang Hyuk

36 years old and still has that school boy wanting the older girl look. His hair, his sweater, everything is just sexy!

Jang Hyuk

Doesn't this remind you of one of Hyun Bin's photos? It's really good though!

Jang Hyuk2

4. Song Seung Hun

36 looks really good on oppa, but if only his dramas ended well. #ICant

Song Seung Hun

Again as to why gorgeous men shouldn't just be hanging around doing nothing; some girl will flip over that railing.

Song Seung Hun2

3. Park Shi Hoo

Age 36

Look, I was really struggling about adding Park Shi Hoo because he confuses me! I have no idea how old he really is! 35, 36, 37 like oppa when exactly is your real birthday hmm?!

Park Shi Hoo

Um bedroom eyes much?

Park Shi Hoo2

2. Kim Joo Hyuk

40 years old he's one of my favorites! There is a movie starring him and Moon Geun Young called Love Me Not and he is just everything and more in it! The drama That Winter, The Wind Blows is actually based on this movie. Google and watch it!

Kim Joo Hyuk

His eyes are stunning!

Kim Joo Hyuk2

1. Cha Seung Won

Age 43

So many of you were asking for Cha Seung Won, especially Asia M. on facebook! So here he is in white with a fierce haircut looking right at YOU!

Cha Seung Won2

Only if you look exactly like him can you get away with that coat. If you don't look exactly like oppa, please do not attempt this look.

Cha Seung Won

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE