A few months ago, we made a list of the hottest K-drama moments without a kiss. Of course, a list of ten wasn't even close to long enough for all of the romantic tension in K-dramas! By popular demand, here are ten more of the hottest K-drama moments that didn't even end in a kiss:

1. The bathroom scene, A Gentleman's Dignity

Do we even need to say anything about this one? *Fans self

2. The sit-ups, Secret Garden

Suddenly, exercise doesn't seem so tedious.

3. The inn scene, Faith

She's having a romantic moment in a bed with Lee Min Ho, and then he just says "Get some sleep"???? Yeah, right. What kind of willpower does this lady have to just doze off like that?

4. The beach, Coffee Prince

He doesn't even know that Eun Chan is a girl, and this is still one of the most tender moments in Kdrama-dom.

5. The antique car, My Princess

What? Oh, my bad. Wrong picture.

The banter back and forth in their secret hiding place was absolutely adorable. Plus, meeting in an old-timey car has some definite Titanic vibes to it, if you know what I mean...

Watch a 400-year old alien hunk fall in love with a beautiful actress in My Love from Another Star.

6. Camping, City Hall

You're out in the wilderness. In a tent. With Cha Seung Won. By yourself. Nobody's gonna judge Shin Mi Rae for not being able to keep her hands to herself. Nobody.

7. The cherry blossoms, Lie to Me

They were mesmerized by the cherry blossoms, okay? This one was so close to being an actual K-drama kiss that it was kind of a pity they backed out at the last second.

8. The classroom, Shut Up! Flower Boy Band

Washing windows? Boring. Washing windows as Sung Joon's melodious voice says "Don't run away from me"? Amazing.

9. The hospital bed, I Hear Your Voice

Who doesn't love a little noona romance snuggle now and then?

10. The measurements, Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love

We covered the measurement scene in Arang and the Magistrate last time, but this just proves that sewing really can be sexy! This scene had people talking about the chemistry between Kim Tae Hee and Joo Ah In from episode 1.

And, even though it was on the last list, can we just appreciate this scene from Scent of a Woman one last time?

Which hot K-drama scenes were your favorites? Comment below!

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