Rain's new drama My Lovable Girl will mark his return to dramas for the first time in four years since his last series Runaway: Plan B. As we wait for the premiere on September 17, it reminds us of all of the reasons we love the multi-talented entertainer. Here are a few of our favorite "Rainisms":

1. His "rivalry" with Stephen Colbert

In case you missed it, there was a running joke on the Colbert Report for several years about how Rain was Stephen's nemesis. It all culminated in this incredible dance-off:

This, my friends, is why the internet was invented. You can see a collection of their best rivalry moments here.

2. His dedication

You all thought I was going to say, "abs," didn't you? Well, while the abs in Ninja Assassin were impressive, what's more impressive is the diligence and hard work that it took to get those abs. Rain reportedly trained about six hours a day for six months to build the physique, strength, and agility necessary for the action role.

3. His multiple talents

There are a lot of idol actors out there, but Rain is one of the original triple threats who can sing, dance, and act. You can see his moves in the music video for his recent single "30SEXY."

4. His adorable smile

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Rain can seem pretty intense when he's dancing or acting, but when he smiles, his entire face lights up like a happy little kid.

5. He reminds us of old favorites

Can you believe it's been ten years since Rain won our hearts in Full House? Seeing him in new dramas can't help but remind us of that classic role opposite Song Hye Gyo.

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6. Kim Tae Hee

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This Hallyu power couple has been dating since January 2013. Wouldn't it be great if they costarred in a drama together? The chemistry would be amazing!

7. His smoldering gaze

Every good romantic lead needs a solid smolder, and Rain's got it covered.

8. His giving heart

Many Korean celebrities completed the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, but Rain went the extra mile, donating 100 million won to a university hospital. He did so in honor of Hong Seung-sung, his mentor, who has suffered from ALS for three years.

As an added bonus, Rain's nominees include Megan Fox, with whom he has had a playful back-and-forth celebrity crush.

9. He is a Hollywood crossover

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The nice thing about being a Rain fan is that for once, you can talk about a K-drama actor, and your other friends will actually have some idea what you're talking about! He has had roles in Hollywood films like Speed Racer, Ninja Assassin, and The Prince, which co-stars Bruce Willis and just received limited release in theaters and video on demand on August 22.

10. We get to see more of him soon!

Perhaps our favorite thing about Rain right now is that he's coming back to dramas, so we get to enjoy even more of his work. Based on the trailers so far, My Lovable Girl promises to bring the feels, and we can't wait! Check out the latest trailer:

What's your favorite Rainism? Are you looking forward to My Lovable Girl? Comment below, and don't forget to sign up for new episode alerts HERE. My Lovable Girl premieres September 17 after the conclusion of It's Okay, That's Love.

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