As K-drama heroines can attest, one of the advantages of having a chaebol fall madly in love with you is that he can plan massive, over-the-top events to declare his love. While we all know that money can't buy love, sometimes it's fun to watch these grand displays of affection in our favorite Cinderella stories. Here are just a few of the grandest romantic gestures in K-drama history.

1. Exclusive island vacation, Boys over Flowers

Can the beach be a person's love language? Because I think it's mine.

2. Choreographed proposal, A Gentleman's Dignity

This proposal is perfect for the kinds of people who secretly wish their love would become a viral YouTube video. Not only did he get all of their friends to perform an excellent dance routine, but he also designed a dream house for her.

3. Princess for a day, Scent of a Woman

When Lee Dong Wook's character finds his girlfriend's bucket list and sees that she wants to be treated like a princess for a day, he goes above and beyond. I mean, the man even rents Pretty Woman to see how to get the job done properly! Filling the day with shopping, roses, and even a special fireworks display, Kang Ji Wook proves just how rich thoughtful he is. Oh, and lest we forget, he also learned tango for her.

4. Sacrificing his soul, Arang and the Magistrate

K-dramas are filled with people sacrificing their inheritance, their families, or even their lives, but Kim Eun Oh (Lee Joon Ki) one-ups them all by offering to go to hell for his love. Any chump can get stabbed! This is a real sacrifice!

5. Climb every mountain, My Lovely Sam Soon

How long did Hyun Bin's character wait on that mountain? Did he pass Sam Soon on his way up? There's no way to know for sure, but one thing's certain: seeing his figure appearing in the middle of the wind and rain was pretty darn epic.

6. Sewing dolls, Prime Minister and I

When you're the prime minister of Korea, the most precious asset you have is time, not money. Seeing this busy man take the time to sew up piles of stuffed dolls proved his love for Nam Da Jung (Yoona) before he even realized it himself. Oh, and then he also used his wealth to buy all those stuffed dolls. Because this is a K-drama, after all.

7. The public declaration, Lie to Me

Chaebols and their mean dads/moms/aunts are always worrying about what will happen if news gets out that the company heir is dating a peasantcommoner person who isn't also wealthy. In order to show that he wasn't ashamed of his feelings, Hyun Ki Joon (Kang Ji Hwan) proved his love once and for all by climbing onto a pedestal and declaring his love to the entire world.

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8. The personal ballad, Trot Lovers

I guess if you're dating the self-proclaimed "god of music," writing you a personal love song is the least he should do. And maybe you should be the teensiest bit offended that the line they play over. And over. And over in the show is all about how your nose isn't pretty. That being said, the fact that the song appeared in his amnesia-riddled dreams is kind of sweet.

9. Poolside fireworks, The Master's Sun

"I just wanted her to scare the ghosts away," my foot! Look, you don't buy a girl a fancy dress and then plan a poolside fireworks show for 2 (3 if you count the ghost) if you don't have any feelings. Candles? Champagne? Yeah, he wasn't fooling anyone.

10. The big event, King 2 Hearts

Lest we forget that big romantic events mean nothing without sincere feelings, let's take a contrasting example here. Lee Jae Ha (Lee Seung Gi) went all-out with the flowers, the orchestra, and the gigantic photograph of his girl (Ha Ji Won), but all of his candlelit piano playing was eventually worthless. Once he developed strong, lasting feelings for her, all it took was a simple, heartfelt speech to win her over.

Which grand romantic gestures were your favorites? Any others you would add? Do you prefer more simple romance? Comment below!

Vivi is an unapologetic Korean drama addict and blogger. She blogs with her K-drama best friend Coco at Kdrama Fighting! In her free time, she likes to bring her commentary to the DramaFever crowd.

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