A big allure in many K-dramas is the romance. There’s the main couple, and then there’s the second male lead who, if we’re lucky, also gets a suitable love interest of his own. Aside from these central romances, some K-dramas also give us an extra bonus romantic treat with a side romance, or a romance between characters who aren’t part of the love square. With less at stake, these romances are often adorable, sweet, and hilarious. Here (in no particular order) are 10 of the best -Kdrama romances:

1. Bo Na and Chan Young, Heirs

When we first met this couple, Bo Na was kind of irritating, but they have quickly become the most stable romance on the entire show! They don't mind doing mushy things like wearing matching outfits because that's how you show love in high school. Even Bo Na's jealousy of Eun Sang is kind of cute.

2.Ga Eul and Yi Jung, Boys over Flowers

Whether you were team Jun Pyo or team Ji Hoo, I think we can all agree that Ga Eul and Yi Jung were a fantastic pairing. They were an adorable, butterfly-inducing couple to distract from the drama of the main love triangle. My only complaint about these two is that they didn't get MORE screen time!

3. Pil Suk and Jason, Dream High

The Milky Couple! Oh man, I wanted them to be a couple in real life so badly! They can sing, they can dance--can you imagine how fantastic (and absurdly adorable) their kids would be? Oh wait, that might not be fair to the rest of humanity, so scratch that. I especially loved how she helped him become a better person and he loved her for who she really was on the inside.

A close second would be the teacher romance on Dream High, but they just couldn't edge out the Milky Couple!

4. Webtoon manager and Dong Hoon, Flower Boy Next Door

Kim Seul Gi's hilarious, frazzled webtoon manager was one of the highlights of this show. To make her character even better, we got to watch her find romance--dark eye circles and all!

5. Yoo Kyung and Kang Woo, Queen of Reversals

Kang Woo was amazing as the sassy secretary who wouldn't let Park Shi Hoo's Yong Shik get away with any nonsense. When he set his sights on the sweet Yoo Kyung, it just HAD to happen! We knew she wouldn't be able to resist him forever!

6. Gong Ri and Han Joo, The Master's Sun

Okay, so anything written by the Hong Sisters is bound to be busting at the seams with adorable, but this couple was a pleasant surprise! They started to get close towards the end of the series, and it was nice to see the supportive sister find a man who matched her!

7. Choco and Jae Gil, Nice Guy

If I made a list of words to describe this show, I don't think "cute" would break the top ten thousand. This show was prettttty heavy on the melodrama, but even Kang Ma Roo needs a break from all the brooding every once in a while! Enter Jae Gil and Choco to lighten the mood! What starts as a brother-sister relationship leads to hilarity when Choco can't keep her hands to herself. Hull!

8. Bang Wol and Dol Sue, Arang and the Magistrate

I almost choked on some water when Bang Wol first fell for Dol Sue as he shook his wet mane in slow motion. What a Fabio moment! Pure animal magnetism (and some fateful run-ins) pulled these two sidekicks together. Not to spoil anything, but the way they factor into the final episode made me really happy as well. They deserve it.

9. Suk Ki and the new girl, Coffee Prince

I know that this wasn't even a full-blown romance, but after his sad love history, I couldn't help but clap with glee when Suk Ki started his own grumpy mentor romance with Eun Chan's replacement. Yes! Repeat the Coffee Prince love story forever, please!

10. Ah Young and Secretary Kim, Secret Garden

Even though I felt bad for poor Secretary Kim every time he got rejected by Ah Young, this relationship was still fun to watch. My favorite moment might have been when he tried to pull the foam kiss move on her. Sorry, pal! You can only get away with that move if you're Hyun Bin.

11. Esther and Jae Hoo, Heirs

This one's a bonus just because. I know almost nothing about this couple. I don't even know if they're going to end up together. And you know what? I'm still putting them on this list. DID YOU SEE THAT KISS? Possibly the most shocking moment of my K-drama-watching life. A reserved secretary and dad just busting that out of nowhere? Whoa. Just whoa.

So who are your favorite K-drama side couples? Comment below!

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